"Matt, get over it!" James Cameron on Avatar: The Way of Water and how Matt Damon blew $290 million

Published 2022-12-16
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Director James Cameron, Zoe Saldaña and Sam Worthington talk to Radio 1's film critic Ali Plumb about Avatar: The Way Of Water. They're also joined by co-star legends Sigourney Weaver and Stephen Lang, newbies Bailey Bass and Jamie Flatters, plus Titanic Producer Jon Landau. They reveal all about their long journey back to Pandora and the Na'vi, after 2009's blockbuster Avatar.

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  • @bbcradio1
    Watch The Secret of Avatar in full on BBC iPlayer in the UK: bbc.in/3G1srsN For the full story of how Avatar became the most successful movie of all time, and why it took 13 years for the sequel to arrive.
  • @d_san1985
    The CGI and 3D in this movie just tricked my brain My brain didn't want to believe it's CGI because it somehow felt more real and beautiful than reality itself!! Truly one of a kind magical experience
  • @Bimboms
    I grew up by the ocean. I remember being a kid floating in the shallows looking at the holes in the sand dug out by small creatures and getting lost in imagination. Jim found a very honest childlike moment in that scene.
  • Mad respect to Sam Worthington. I'm glad he gave credit to those designers, VFX artists, Animators. (All of the creative designers) I think we tend to give a lot of respect to actors, directors and writers, but we tend to over look the rest of the team that actually have to do the technical part. Sure we have the credits to show the team, but we talk less about these guys in the background that actually put everything to life.
  • @dennischi4598
    James Cameron's films are successful not solely because of their looks; they are universal too, they speak to everyone in the world. And that is so rare and precious nowadays.
  • @Geohillierneo
    He might take his time, but James Cameron delivers every time.
  • “Pop out of the water, fly around, dive back in. Then we put people on it, just to see what happens” James Cameron at his finest
  • Zoe killed it. Her acting was phenomenal. One again she brought her a game.
  • @timk4829
    The reason why AVATAR resonated with so many people all over the word is that the Na'vi represent the humans long before they lost the connection to their full spiritual potential.
  • Recently revisited Avataar 1 and boy didn't appreciate the movie as much back in 2009!! The visuals are still way better than most CGI VFX heavy flicks that came after. It amazes me how well James Cameron and the tech team depicted the play of light on all the objects it falls and doesn't
  • I just came home from the iMAX theater and I'm still shaken. I'm determined. I'm heartbroken. I'm hopeful as well as I am sorry. Sorry for all the nasty things that we are doing to this beautiful earth. Sorry for our endless greed and our inability to look ourselves in the mirror. Sorry for the oceans that we are poisoning. For the forests that we are cutting down. For the soil that we are draining. I couldn't help but see that we are both the Na'avi and the Sky People. We have both natures in us. We can be compassionate to other living beings and we can butcher them when we are asleep to our cruelty. It is an awesome piece of art. It's a shame that the word awesome has lost all its weight but it's the closest word that describes it. I was filled with awe, wonder, reverence, and mystery all the way through. I saw myself in both sides of the equation. The light and the dark. The saint and the sinner. But in the midst of all of those fight scenes and grandeur, it was clear to me just how pertinent the message is. That the bond of family, community and our connection to nature are more important than everything else. No amount of technological advancement will replace the joy of swimming with friends who have your back and feeling the sun on your skin. No amount of metaverse shenanigans will bring more fulfillment than seeing pride on your father's face when he realizes that he raised a good person. All is lost when we sever the connections of humanity, spirit and playfulness. Those are the things that make us what we are. Thank you Cameron for your wake-up call. May we be kinder to all beings.
  • The papyrus sketch is one of my favourite sketches still to this day 😂😂 it always cracks me up 😂
  • @Granturion
    Sigourney Weaver is just amazing. All these years many known roles, no scandals whatsoever. If she doesnt get a lifetime award someday something went wrong
  • If Star Wars was handled the same way Avatar was, maybe Star wars would have been incredible.
  • @charmedprince
    People would think it's easy peasy but James Cameron is actually, through filmmaking, helping develop technology for future filmmakers and other uses as well.
  • @chrisS19019
    James Cameron seems like the guy I hate selling a car to because he’s very present and logical and does everything how he wants to do it. He would see through everything LOL.
  • I saw it and it definitely needs to be seen in 3D in a theater. It is BIG and the graphics/3D are incredibly smooth and detailed. TV won't do this justice.
  • @yopedraza
    I've never felt so inside a movie, so captured and absorbed as with this movie
  • I really liked the way of water. I thought it raised the bar while also opening up potential plotlines for the future more than the first did.