NBA Youngboy - Like A Jungle (Out Numbered)

Published 2022-09-16

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  • @itsmine2012
    Youngboy always changing his style and flow on us thats why his music will never get old.
  • @WhydionteX
    This dude ain’t just a rapper this dude is truly a artist. The flow is impeccable the versatility is untouchable
  • @NikiaTre1
    That man doin all this solo, Outnumbered yet he remains the Number 1 Rap Artist in the Nation.. This song made me respect him even more 💯 FREE C-Murder!
  • @eleanormousah
    Over my number 1 record 😮 something else…..he repping the coldest he knows……he came through making you remember who he came up on 🙏🏽✊🏾
  • @apexdoctor4911
    This man has yet to hit his peak people forget he started this music shit so early in his life 💯 Madd respect
  • @carlswood2708
    NBA Youngboy is one of the best rappers alive. that's true authentic v i e w s gave him the boost just like many other famous artists but no one can deny the fact he is super talented!! Thumbs up who agree with me
  • @soinasdoyi1465
    I don’t think the population realizes how important it is to sample these classics and keeping real rap sound alive. Respect to yb for this one 100
  • @Hospiral
    I love this jaunt bro. Idc how they feel about you. Nobody could ever deny your loyalty to your own people. No color involved. You’re a pure spirit and you are true. Young, wild; but true. A lot of people treat you badly for being who you are, I see that. You’re a young prince; that’s why no one will understand you. A king usually had people who followed his rule without question and there were others who denied his kinghood or more so their lack of leadership qualities; but that’s beyond their ability of thought. When you’re young, intelligent and on the road to wisdom many NPCs will try to stumble you or block your path with obstacles of treason. Be a king. Be a leader. Stand out beyond the crowd like you always have. Let no one steer you in the wrong direction. & always be humble and remember who taught you your best traits.
  • @infernoboy9855
    We gotta keep young boy alive by all means. We’ve lost too many rappers expecially his age. ❤
  • @ediroswell775
    Anybody doubting the flow & skills of this generation this is as good as anything that has come out period.....
  • Y’all not understanding what we witnessing right now. We’ll never see anything like dude again. Respect greatness!
  • @dontsubscribe3249
    This song never get old. No matter how much I listen, I never get bored
  • @backaholic6304
    Man he cranked this joint!!! On replay all day “ make me feel like I am out numbered”
  • @Cnote39legend
    NBA Youngboy... that's how you do bro. Creative outlet poetic lyrics...let them feel what you saying. Salute to you brother. That's what hip hop and rap is about. Saying what's on your mind and expressing it the best way you can. This is the culture we composed and as long as you write from the heart you will never fail. Your fans will pay attention as long as you consistent. Focus. Stay Motivated. And never allow someone to call your timeouts for you in the game. You gotta protect your Jersey because you are the star player and coach of your life and the ball is in your court until the game is over. If you can read metaphors you know what I'm trying to say. This the game of life. I would give you the same encouragement I would give any young one maintaining life in the calaboose we call America sometimes. Stay out of trouble and use your creativity to go forward.
  • @Bear-of1on
    Young boy got a lot of joints like we all know. This song is fire 🔥🔥. Thinking of how prolific his catalogue is makes me think that he should start doing as the classical composers did and assign each composition with an opus number. Stay on top Young a real g
  • @reidlawrence9581
    This is pure greatness his music does something to me the way he just switches flows not only is he the greatest rapper to ever walk the planet but he is the greatest artist of all time and it will never change💚💚💚
  • @djbrown103
    The older he gets the more you begin to understand. This the hardest song I didn’t know was out . I pray u get peace G 🙏🏾💯
  • @kwabenagenesis3864
    This man will never be forgotten generations by generations 🔥🔥🔥🤞