NBA Youngboy - Like A Jungle (Out Numbered)

Published 2022-09-16

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  • MY OH MY.... Que
    Falar com o Sr. António é como viajar
    no tempo, é sonhar acordado,
    é uma lição de poço de resiliência
    e um sorriso genuíno que nos
    "abraça" sem nos conhecer.
  • This dude ain’t just a rapper this dude is truly a artist. The flow is impeccable the versatility is untouchable
  • NikiaTre
    That man doin all this solo, Outnumbered yet he remains the Number 1 Rap Artist in the Nation.. This song made me respect him even more 💯 FREE C-Murder!
  • One Way
    Man he cranked this joint!!! On replay all day “ make me feel like I am out numbered”
  • Soothing Lofi
    Youngboy always changing his style and flow on us thats why his music will never get old.
  • Dom D'Vinci
  • Soinas Doyi
    I don’t think the population realizes how important it is to sample these classics and keeping real rap sound alive. Respect to yb for this one 100
  • Big Pot
    This man is simply ahead of his time
    His accolades will show that when he’s done rapping💯
  • TGYE
    This is a man who is literally saying he looks for help, and is open to it, but no one wants to truly help him and everyone is to quick to judge him either from his past or current situation.

    Most the love he gets feels fake, and he’s mentally screwed because of the things he’s seen and gone through. Sometimes he has no choice but to be a soldier and survive because that’s all he knows.

    This is a message.
  • A-double
    Ever since hearing this, it's been on REPEAT!!! 💪💯♏😈
  • Got out of prison 2016 and first time I heard this dude it automatically got me thru a lot💯💯💯Born with my heart on the opposite side of my body had a stroke recently that messed up my quality of senses this dude spit nothing but facts and motivation
  • SumpDidit
    Its crazy how versatile he really is
  • Y’all not understanding what we witnessing right now. We’ll never see anything like dude again. Respect greatness!
  • Heart of a warrior
    He beat the feds
    YB can rap ...Another Masterpiece
  • MicTrill
    This one of his hardest tracks yet and all while paying homage to a legend in C Murder this dude still getting better !! Free C Murder 💯
  • I could feel his pain in this one , everything he was going thru!! 💯
  • inferno Boy
    We gotta keep young boy alive by all means. We’ve lost too many rappers expecially his age. ❤
  • Slime
    This man’s consistency is unmatched