Original Song //Lexi Howes //Figuring It Out

Published 2018-06-15
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This is a song about the struggle of life and how if not aware that these struggles are there to make you stronger then it can feel like the world is against you resulting in not wanting to be here anymore; therefore doing the unthinkable
and killing oneself. Everyone is going through something; if you're alive then you have trials. In this song I start off with taking responsibility for my actions and then I notice that I am not alone when I find god. Through out the song I talk about others and myself loving me as I am as it's a process everyone and myself are undergoing and figuring out. I talk a lot about my thoughts and feelings in the song because they can seem to be the only real thing I have to direct my choices but really they are fleeting. They come and go and they do not define me unless I enable them or attach them to my being. I realize that not all the thoughts I have are mine to keep and not all feelings need to stay for the exact same time. I'm diving deep into my being where I am calm, peaceful, aware, and love. Where no external force can ever damage me again because I know who I am. Someone who can with stand the storm of life.


Figuring it all out
what this life is all about
well it gets hard and on the way
I fell right down on my face
and ignorance was my best friend for all of those mistakes
it was my fault completely, my choices made deliberately
but what you don't know couldn't hurt.. no
and what doesn't kill you really does make you stronger
and I learned my lesson the hard way
because I needed a friend and no one stayed
this is how you really figure it all out
you go alone, you walk the road, you find your inner home
and all I know is I know nothing at all
So I picked up the phone when God called
He's the only one who understands and always has a hand
and he loves me he loves me he loves me as I am
He's there for on demand, gave my life meaning, purpose, and plan
Turned my world upside down, what I thought was a smile was really a frown
and I'd love for the world to see me
but when you use your eyes please look intentionally
because we choose what we see through our beliefs
I'm no more or less than what you think
50-80,000 thoughts in a day
how do I say what I mean and mean what I say
when my thoughts create my reality
but at the same time my thoughts they don't belong to me
ohohoohoh I am so grateful
that when I fell and cut my knees god sends antibodies TO FIX ME
ohohohohoh I know nothing at all
so I listen to my heart and my feelings
and I pray that the world will someday love me!
Love me as I am, or I will run away from you
Take me as I am, for I can't change myself for you
Love is supposed to be unblinded but you can't see
Love is supposed to be open minded but you're closing in on me
I wouldn't ask you to change. I would love you just the same
I wouldn't ask you to steer another way. I would follow you come what may.

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  • Ivan Felix
    Love the vibes. Love the song. Watched couple of your vids. Just wanna say never give up 🤙💯 #Subscribed
  • Gustavo Evandro
    Hey!!! I'm that guy who watched you singing in Victoria and asked about your yt channel.
    Your voice is perfect! Thanks for make me so happy...
  • McTearGaming
    #1 fan hope this channel can get famous for your art is great