Awkward Drinking Game

Published 2020-12-30

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  • Suhanna De Silva
    Why break up with a man who cheated on you when you can publicly embarrass him and yourself on a large Youtube channel?
  • KJ
    I’d rather die alone than have a relationship like theirs
  • Tallulah Fuller
    I need more straight couples to know that theyre allowed to break up if they dont like each other
  • Grace Dean
    how is he offended that her mom called him a player when he literally cheated lmao
  • Geneva
    I can’t imagine what this couple’s day-to-day conversations are like... I can’t think of a more boring way to spend my time than to ever listen to them speak again
  • Veronica Dow
    Straight women need to unionize for better working conditions
  • Sofia Magalhaes
  • Will Caine
    Cody has a talent for turning completely unwatchable cringe into semi-watchable comedy. The Cut need to hire his ass.
  • Sadie B
    I’m so glad Cody calls horrible guys like this out rather than acting like it’s okay, there’s so many crappy guys these days and knowing Cody has us girls backs is comforting haha
  • Grace Brashears
    “I was young, dumb, and stupid. I felt like I wanted more, when really, everything was right in front of me,” bro. Notice how he’s not even looking at her, he’s looking at everyone else for validation that he said a nice little thing about her.
  • blake the great
    the saddest thing ever is seeing girls lower their standards for dudes that just don’t give a shit about them... or... anything for that matter
  • Cassiopeia V
    Cody saying that getting nudes is legitimate cheating made me realise that my standards were too low and I let guys treat me worse than I ever deserved.
  • Anushka H
    i cannot emphasize how much i hate how descriptive they’re being
  • Melyn
    These are the kinds of people who are in a toxic relationship but get married anyways and then people wonder why the divorce rate is so high
  • Abiaz Hossain
    If the “Dinner Party” episode from The Office was real this would be it
  • Aden Thomas
    “Babe trust me...I wasn’t cheating because it was totally frictionless.”
  • okayjoey
    “we’re you jerking” may genuinely be the funniest thing i have ever heard anyone say
  • Kareen V.
    I think she tried to embarrass him, but they both look embarrassing.
  • V
    this feels like getting invited to THAT couples house and they won’t stop making passive aggressive remarks the whole time
  • Lauren Cosentino
    Cody’s comment on how it feels like we’re in their living room listening to a conversation we shouldn’t be was so accurate.