Russia's Lavrov says capturing Kharkiv key to Kremlin's plan I DW News

Published 2024-04-21
Russia's foreign minister has announced the Kremlin's aim to capture the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, in a Russian radio interview.

Sergei Lavrov said that Kharkiv is key to Putin's idea of creating demilitarized zones in Ukraine, which would protect Russian border settlements from Ukrainian fire. Kharkiv is Ukraine's second-largest city and has been under fierce bombardment for weeks, with key infrastructure being targeted.


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All Comments (21)
  • Take over or not, Ukraine should be a top foreign policy study case for many a nations to take heed from. Never ever become a buffer state between two elephants. Think ten times before trusting your backers.
  • The counteroffensive was catastrophic not "not very successful"
  • @Drwho7610
    Ukraine already has lost its bitter fact that the Western world should swallow
  • @univeropa3363
    To be expected. The longer we wait to come to a negotiated end the more oblasts will be lost.
  • @weezle5979
    Remember when it was "just the Donbas"?. Yeah...
  • @danielm8950
    Maybe it's a diversion and the major offensive operation will occur elsewhere.
  • @kingwata1
    You guys should bring better experts. This guys is all over the place. First he said Lavrov does not speak for Putin and then he said based on lavrov statement is typical of Putin. Which is which Mr Expert?
  • @user-xq8xx7gq8l
    .... and negotiations to end war just not eminent as at now.
  • Where can you find people like the Europeans that willingly support Americans lifestyle while degrading their own?
  • @felipe-vibor
    Russia had warned that if Ukraine persist on attacking Belgorod then they'll have no choice but to create a buffer zone. There you have it. Stop poking the bear
  • @efrentorres4422
    I like the way the man answer the question: what do you know of...?
  • @Gi1d3d
    That anchor looks so sneaky
  • If Russia wants a buffer zone, then let them make it inside their own borders. For more than 30 years there was never a problem until Russians invaded Ukraine. When Russian forces leave Ukraine and Ukrainian borders are restored the problem will go away.
  • @letranger6750
    Whaoooo, first time clicking DW News, had no idea so biased; stopped at 1:15; guess last time clicking