Published 2021-05-03
Rapper Reacts to Agust D for the first time! Agust D MV is FINALLY HERE!! Comment below more reactions you want to see!

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All Comments (21)
  • @KnoxHill
    What else should we react to? 🤔 Comment below! Also if you like the song in the intro support the channel and check out my new album ‘Chaos Theory’ now 🖤 www.knoxhillmusic.com/
  • @akoiace
    basically he said rappers should be thankful that he's a K-pop idol.
  • SUGA is from a city called Daegu! Agust D is SUGA backwards and then the TD stands for Daegu Town! I love how respectful and deep these reactions are. Keep going 💜💜
  • @khylaren
    "All you all rappers should be thankful I'm an idol" means that the rappers are lucky that Suga's full-time focus isn't rapping, but that he's a K-Pop idol with BTS. If he were a full-time rapper, he'd mop the floor with them/they wouldn't stand a chance. I love his swagger (and it's deserved, the man is talented AF)
  • @blarmy827
    Agust D “the last” is a powerful one that hits deep for most people
    RM “joke”
    Jhope “airplane”
  • The confidence this song gives me is OUT OF THIS WORLD✋✨💅
  • @plusle9263
    Not gonna lie, started watching this super skeptical, with the amount of people that react to stuff just for views, but he actually given his point of view to the song in a way that I, someone with 0 rap knowledge, find it interesting. nice
  • @isabelah6524
    the blonde king he kills in daechwita is his agust d persona, full of anger and rage and spite. it's his way of saying he is moving on from those past grudges and growing as a person, leaving behind all the negative emotions and re-inventing himself.
  • @g.c.f4008
    Yoongi’s tracks aren’t dedicated as a diss track or a track for haters, he once said “If you get offended by my words, then it’s your problem” - agust d
  • Him - He seems to be cold-hearted

    ARMY'S- Just meet our yoongi , then you'll get to know he is the sweetest and the most savage person at the same time 💜🥺
  • @user-gj2ci8nf4u
    I've never seen anybody unpacking August D like Knox Hill. August D and Knox together are like whole new poetry in it. Thank you for your talents, artistry, and appreciation for August D. I'm almost rediscovering Suga thru you. Can't compliment you enough on your knowledge and expertise. Are there any clips for August D's Cypher series, and The Last? What about the whole D-2 album?
  • Knox just really gets it. That's why songs like this being dissected by actual rappers are much appreciated. Thank you Knox! 💜
  • When he was young and coming up in the rap world, before BTS, he would sell his raps, only to be robbed. They would steal his rhymes and never pay him. And when he was in school, he only had enough money each day to either ride the bus home or eat. He was very poor, he fought HARD to get where he is.
    I feel a lot of connections with him, but mostly his basketball game. SUGA is short for "Shooting Guard," his position on his team. I was also a shooting guard in JHS and HS, would have been college too, but life and babies happened. I was also a singer and actor, as well as on track to be a linguist/translator. My 17 year old daughter introduced me to BTS a few months ago. I had stopped listening to all music, stopped singing, stopped playing ball following a very emotional and abusive experience many years ago. BTS is the first music I can listen to now, and this old mom turns the bass all the way up when my SUGA is spittin! I love that grit! Finally feel like I'm living life again.
  • I love that hes not only appreciating the lyrics and the visual, but hes able to really break down and appreciate the work and effort that went into producing Yoongi's music
  • I don't really like reactions in general but this guy's reaction videos are actually really good!! I love how he's not just watching and vibing but actually pays attention to the lyrics, beat and the very little details. Also, it's amazing how he can guess like 80% of the meaning and the references accurately 😂 Keep it up man! Your content is rly enjoyable! ❤️
  • @guun.j2950
    im glad people are finally discovering why bts is so hyped up. been listening to them for 6 years and i still don’t understand why they get hate
  • @mj7113
    he's really an introvert BTS but once he opened his mouth to rap, he spits bars... he's the most hardworking, generous idol, people call him "the hit maker"