Clxs × R×llnL×keTh×ndr || Prod × Seven || 2021

Published 2022-06-03

Don't Touch - You RUB me the Wrong Way I Get IrRASHtional
Step Back - C Me get Big - So Make Sure you Spell my name with a Capital
Take no Days Off - Work my SkillSet everyday No Sabbatical
I Dissemble the Engine Rebuilding it Faster and Stronger

Don't read the Manual - Part of my Brain: Robotic/Mechanical
The Other Part is Ravenous/Animal - Sacrifice you:
Putting your Blood in the Fountain of Youth!
Partly Satanical Fully impeccable - Come back Stronger I am Perennial
No need to wonder - I'm the One, derr - Speaking otherwise is a Blunder

I Put you Under - Got you inside of the casket Wearings Pajamas
Forever Slumber I'm spitting Magma Never with MAGA I Stand Up
Say "Fuck You" to a Trump'r - They talk Shit Go Suck on a Plunger
Pull up and Plunder - Report one suspect I'm RxllnLxkeThxndr!

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