Remembering Rick Rescorla | Vietnam Vet who saved 2,700 lives on 9/11 | Bill Van Scoyoc

Published 2020-03-17
Bill Van Scoyoc was a Morgan Stanley employee working in Tower 2 of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. He bravely led the evacuation of 276 fellow employees and lives to share the amazing heroism he witnessed, displayed by Vietnam Veteran Cyril ‘Rick’ Rescorla.

Rescorla, as head of security for Morgan Stanley, was responsible for saving the lives of 2,700 employees before he was killed in the building’s collapse.

Recorded on October 24th, 2019.

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All Comments (21)
  • In 1993, at the World Trade Center bombing, Rick Recorla was the last person to exit those buildings. He had to "do a final sweep" to make sure he'd gotten all his people out. That's what he was doing on 9/11 when his Tower came down. And it was Rick Rescorla who said; "All the real heroes are dead."
  • @emmaathome2902
    Rick wasn’t just a Vietnam veteran, he wasn’t even American..he was in the British army because he was born in Cornwall uk. He was also in the Northern Rhodesian police for 3 years, also had a short stint in the Met police in the uk He aspired to join in the Vietnam war, which he did. He lead a fruitful life filled with trying to make the world around him better. We Brits, especially the Cornish, are proud of him for what he accomplished.
  • 250,000 tons of steel fell before Rick Rescorla did. An embodiment of bravery and self sacrifice.
  • @karencalder8540
    I've been watching 9-11 YouTube documentaries since yesterday. I did a few a while ago as well. This is the first time I've heard of Rick. I'm proud that he's British and my heart aches for what happened on that terrible day. A true hero. Rest in peace Sir. Your job is done.😔
  • @Angry11B
    I graduated from Infantry OSUT, October 20th 2023, October 19th a very passionate woman gave us newly minted Infantry soldiers a tour of the Infantry Museum. We walked up and down the entirety of the museum, and she stopped us in the portion of the museum dedicated to Ia Drang and told us about Col. Rescorla. Never in my life did my chest puff out more and never was I more prideful than after she told us about the example men like Rescorla are for us Infantry soldiers. I am proud to wear the same uniform as such heroes and there are very few days that go bye where I don't think about how I can honor the heroes of the past with my actions today.
  • @glennbellamy7004
    Rick was a proud Cornishman from Hayle in Cornwall. He's a legend in Hayle. RIP Rick
  • @Madminute1968
    The honorable Rick Rescorla wasn't one in a million, he was one in a lifetime, may he Forever Rest easy and in Peace****
  • The innocence and hope of the 90's generation that was free of the specters of the cold war died that day, and we still feel the ripple of effects it has had to this day. It was one of the darkest moments in our history but at the same time showed the very best of us.
  • @sherribrawn3757
    I've been bingeing on these 9/11 personal experiences the last few days, and it's brought me right back to that horrible day. I do think that it's important for people to remember, and pass on these accounts for history purposes so our decendants to hear.... Blessings to all that survived, AND to those who've had to carry on without their loved ones the past two decades WE CAN NEVER, EVER FORGOT THAT DAY NOR SHOULD WE Love from🇨🇦 to our family in🇺🇸
  • @MsDawnnee
    I was working in England years ago, and regularly called Morgan Stanley offices in the WTC. I often wonder did those I spoke to live or die? So bloody sad.
  • Rick was British born became a British Police officer then a British Army Para, fought in Rhodesia then moved to the US fought in Vietnam at the battle of La drang which the Mel Gibson movie “ we were soldiers “ is based off of then saved close to 2000lives at 9/11 refusing to leave the tower perished, a true life of service, absolute hero
  • We cannot forget the hate we saw that day, but we should always remember that the kindness of thousands of strangers will always outweigh the hatred of a few.
  • @klmullins65
    I've heard accounts of some of the people that evacuated with Rick's direction, and they all recalled him saying "stay good Americans!" That gets to me, even more these days than in those scary days, weeks, and months following 9/11/2001.
  • @ssisnake
    My Dad was a Ranger in Vietnam, he was discharged straight into the sherrifs department training and was a cop straight out of the military, cross trained in EMS and FF. The Vietnam vets don't get enough love so many of them went through hell came back to scum belittling them and were ignored for a long time, my Dad isn't the only story like this, or the awesome man in this video there are countless Vietnam Vets who don't get enough love like their dads did coming home from WW2 (Korea also but a lot of the WW2 guys re-enlisted much like my Grandpa did). If you know ANY vet from ANY war give them lots of love they earned it and a half.
  • He wasn't even born American he was British and as a kid loved meeting the US soldiers stationed there and wanted to be like them so he joined up for Vietnam and I think that's how he became a citizen. He was a very fascinating guy. I love learning about him and other heros from 9/11.
  • @borleyboo5613
    Rick Rescorla was a true Celt. Brave, passionate and spirited. No matter how long he lived elsewhere, you can’t take that away.
  • I am more than convinced that guardian angels exist. Rick Rescola was one. We were all blessed.