Do Californians feel welcome when they move to Idaho?

Published 2018-05-22
Idaho's appeal is drawing out-of-staters here in droves - particularly Californians. Because there are so many of them here, we wanted to find out if they are welcome in Idaho. As we found out, it depends who you talk to.


Yes, many Californians are moving to Idaho. Here are the other states they are coming from:

'Idafornia' shirt turns into social media battle:

Boise - again - takes top billing in Best Places to Live list:

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  • I have lived in Northwest Arkansas all my life, about 20 years ago a nice older couple asked me for directions During our conversation they told me that they had just moved to the area from California. They were so happy to be away from all of the crowded cities and over regulation, in the same breath they said “but there really need to be some laws about the old junk cars and equipment that were on a nearby farm”
    I looked at them and politely stated that that if they wanted that to happen then they should probably move back to California. I pointed out that we were in a rural area and some of that “junk” might actually be operable and used daily (my farm truck runs just fine but it looks pretty bad because of my cattle)
    If you are from California and moving to another state you need to leave California ideas in California
  • B33FCAKE
    I live in Idaho and what I am seeing is just upsetting. I always try to be polite to new comers but at this point i'm done with that. The invasion of the Californians have raised our property taxes, and the price of living so much that many of our neighbors are leaving because they cant afford to keep living here. They are literally driving us out.
  • MrNobodysfool1
    After living in Portland, OR for 4 years and watching CA people move in I can already tell you that the good things that people in Idaho are used to will get eroded. Here's what you'll start to notice. 1. traffic (with highly aggressive drivers) 2. the places you used to go now have way to many people so you stop going to them. 3. housing prices will go up exponentially. 4. you will start to look elsewhere to escape them because they tend to move in and impose their ways. If you don't believe me ask anyone from Oregon or even Washington. It's real.
  • Spencer Bronsell
    I’ve been an Idahoan all my life, and it’s really annoying to get all these rich snobs overpopulating once beautiful and peaceful cities like Coeur d Alene, or Rigby, these are still small towns, and they’re constantly crowded and overpopulated with a bunch of rich douchebags who try to pay their way through everything. I want the old Idaho back
  • David
    I am born and raised here. I’m welcome to growth, but the thought of people turning Idaho into California scares me to my core. When I come back from college, I want to be able to live in Boise for a cheap enough amount.
  • Sir Arnie
    Okay so you leave California because it's a craphole due to liberal policies, but then vote the same way in the state you move to. To me that is the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome.
  • drewcifer24
    My family has a lake cabin on an island in northern Idaho... almost every other lot besides ours, which my family have owned since the 60s has been infested by californians. They have started an HOA, tried to get us to paint our place, complained about us cutting down trees on our property and many other things. Would LOVE for them to go back.
  • Lynn Point
    I live in Oregon and Washington. Both used to be moderate, just-right-of-center states. No longer. The culture changed because of people moving in, who bring with them the problems that drove them out of wherever they came from. The build it up, price it up, trash it up, flark it up.
  • C
    If you move out of a State because of the costs or the political ideals..don't bring those failed ideals with you. Simple.
  • Merantle
    Have some respect for the people Idaho. My heart goes out to you Idaho.
  • jldog134
    I live in New York State I am a registered Republican and I would give anything to live in Red State like Idaho.
  • Kyle Butterfield
    I wish they would all go away. Don’t want the congestion, the crime, the land being developed everywhere. They are buying up local’s dreams because they have more money. Growing up here I have worked in this economy, so the push living here has made it difficult to keep up. They say they aren’t trying to take over, but they are, and just because they are nice, doesn’t mean we are overjoyed for more “nice” people. I love it when they talk to you like they did you a favor by moving here. Hint:you didn’t. Just.go.away.
  • I am in a trade that relies on a good economy and people transplanting. The problem with most of the Californians who move here is they hated where they came from bad enough to move but as soon as they get to idaho they try to change it to be like the shit hole they came from. We don't want micro regulation on everything.
  • Brian Cook
    Its sad really...we have a bad californian problem in Nashville. There are more californians than native Nasvhillians. They raise house prices, they change the culture, they change the politics, they change the values. We live here because of our conservative values and they come here, hold protests and scream words of hate toward our "intolerance" and we are supposed to accept it. I've seen sooo many natives get displaced from their homes in Nashville and move 30 miles out just to maintain. We visited Boise recently with hopes of moving and saw this amazing landscape and almost emotional beauty just to then run into the hoards of Californians downtown talking bad about the locals. I feel your pain Idaho. :(
  • Beam Reach
    RIP Idaho. Brace for hyperinflation and heavy taxes, empty promises and corruption.
  • Cielo Pachirisu
    TL;DR If you move to Idaho to become an Idahoan you're welcome. If you move to Idaho and try to change it to suit you better than the people already here then you're not welcome. Just realize that this is our home you're coming to and we don't like it when we're looked down upon for our lifestyles on our own doorstep.

    Even before I lived in ID it was largely the same-- big city folks move to get away from the big city, but want to take the big city with them. They complain that the farms smell bad and so they force the farms to leave, and they call the small towners backwards hicks with wrong opinions and silence them, usually politically.

    In Idaho it's much worse though. Before I moved here I thought, "there's no way that there's seriously that much bad blood between Idahoans and Californians, that's gotta just be an exaggeration born of Reddit and Youtube comment extremism," but it astounded me how often I saw some Californians look at us like zoo animals when I talked to them. Rarely directly insulting, but you can feel either a passive-aggressiveness or a quiet disgust, or in the best case just simply not being able to see things the way we do.

    Of course not everyone from there thinks this way, but I think that SoCal in particular has this tendency to think the rest of America works just like they do. So when they go somewhere else and find out that not all of America has the same cultural makeup as they do it shocks them. It's at least enough that I've noticed it in personal experience.

    So final word, are Californians welcome here? About as much as anybody else, it's just that the tendency for them to look down their noses at us is noticeably higher than people from other places. There's this perception that they're invaders come to take away our way of life-- and some of them seem gleefully happy about civilizing some stupid desert rednecks, so it's kind of hard for me to defend them by saying they don't.
    Californians need to remember that they're refugees, not missionaries, regardless of where they move.
  • Wanderlust
    People are leaving Illinois for Kentucky and Missouri and infecting it with their idiotic politics as well. They ought to either adapt to the culture they live in or get out.
  • James B
    The real question is: Will Californians agree to, and become Idahoans when they cross the border. Here in Colorado, they seem to bring much baggage that got their home state in trouble in the first place, plus, they bring "the attitude" . .