Nick Faldo - Final Round in full | The Open at Muirfield 1992

Published 2021-03-10
Nick Faldo forced himself to “play the best four holes of my life” to win The Open in 1992, claiming the Claret Jug for the third time in six years as he joined only James Braid as a double Champion Golfer at Muirfield.

For much of the week, Faldo put on a masterclass of links golf. His 64 in the second round was an almost perfect display and he set a new record at The Open of 130 strokes for the first 36 holes.

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All Comments (21)
  • D 22
    Thank you so much. Can’t wait to watch this again. One of the greatest final rounds ever. Sir Nick Faldo swing was just perfection that week and the final four holes were just incredible. His second round 64 was one of the classic Open Championship rounds.
  • Blake barone
    I hope you know how greatly appreciated it is when you guys release this “grade a” content. Absolutely awesome.
  • SilverfoxThe
    Thanks for the coverage of these classic Opens. Its great to watch as I used to watch these with my dad. The voices of Peter Allis, Alex Hay and Dave Marr bring back a lot of memories of those times.
  • James Thain
    Finally! Thank you for submitting this mesmerising final round. Hopefully more 90's and 80's classics are on the way.
  • Fred Bosanquet
    At last! Been looking for this for ages. Well done The Open.
  • Keith Harris
    Had this recorded on VHS, watched it for many years, great to see it again 👍
  • Kingy
    Another super upload from the Open, its great to enjoy these full final rounds again, thank you very much.
  • Papa Noggin
    This is so awesome to see this again. Thank you! BTW it would be hand jobs for everyone if the 1991 edition was out. Seriously. I luv u guys.
  • Salford Nick
    The best finishing 4 holes ever played... Ever... To say he had to do it to himself, then go on do it was just sheer brilliance.... To true great great player
  • Fred Bosanquet
    Looking at the full round, Faldo seems to be struggling with his alignment all day (until he sorts it out in the last 4 holes). Lots of shots pulled to the left (starting with the drive on the first) which seems to be where he is aiming. I think he mentioned this somewhere in a retrospective on this day.
  • Julien Macret
    First time watching golf on Tv. I was 12 and in south of France and i will never forget it. The next year i went to St. George's and see my idol Faldo. It was so cool !
  • wildernessuk
    I went to this Open! Great to see Nick win but was a real rollercoaster.
  • Richard Monahan
    Great to hear Alex haye doing the commentary..he was one of the best to listen to..golden times...faldo at his best.
  • lastschicker
    I nipped to safeway with faldo in the lead and when I got back he was behind - best finish to any open ever
  • Danny Kosmo
    @1:04:01 nick has a crazy bunker shot from one knee lol 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  • Paul Morden
    I was playing a bit but I put this on and watched the back 9 and after that I was obsessed with golf and Faldo. Copied everything he did
  • SportzPickz
    Great to hear Alex Hay, excellent footage
  • Aussie Golfer
    Let’s put on the baker finch open win 👍🏌️‍♀️⛳️
  • Peter McGill
    When you can see the rain on these ‘old’ telecasts, you know it must be really pi55ing down.