Firing a Gun with a REALLY Bent Barrel... Bad Idea?!?!

Published 2020-07-15
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All Comments (21)
  • Fooligan
    I’m honestly jaw-dropped surprised right now. I can’t believe piping worked.
  • Tim Wentz
    New home security idea. A bunch of labeled PVC pipes in your bedroom that curve around to different parts of the house. Someone at the front door? Just stick the gun in the tube labeled front door and fire. Intruders in the garage? Down the garage pipe she goes. Kitchen? Living room? Den? No problem!
  • Fun fact: The Germans during WW2 had a specialized version of the StG44 with a bent barrel designed for tank crews so they could shoot from the hatches without having to expose themselves. It's called the Krummlauf.
  • Lucky Flyer
    Every responsible gun owner- "Don't play with guns"
    Matt- "Check out my bullet obstacle course"
  • i like how it still feels like a single person out in the woods with some guns and a camera.
  • Jack Harper
    I would have lost money betting against the pvc and would’ve lost my house on the 180! Amazing and very surprising!
  • cainsrain
    If someone told me this, I wouldn't have believe them.
    This was a giant leap forward in science.
    Not sure.
  • Just a guy
    I would love to see something like this in a stealth optional game. Imagine curving a bullet though a circular ventilation system or something else to hit a hard to get target.
  • mozxz
    I figured the reason why I like this channel, is because of how much it reminds me of Mythbusters, just without all the stalling and adbreaks, Matt is really enthusiastic, and you can tell that, he would do this stuff 100%, with no camera, he just happens to have one turned on when he does this stuff.
  • SCP Foundation
    Cool thing to notice the curved gun’s recoil was forward instead of backward
  • Brach Janney
    It's amazing how much this channel grew over the years.
  • Hello There
    Imagine having a crazy matrix of pipes around your home that you could fire through at burglars while looking at cameras to see which pipe to shoot through.
  • Paydro Guapp
    Without you I honestly would’ve never known it was possible 😂 I always thought curving a bullet was a lie
  • Steve Miller
    It would be interesting to use a chronograph to measure the speed at the end of the pipe. What percentage of the kinetic energy was lost in the pipe? Also if you can recover the bullet, how much mass did it loose rubbing against the pipe.
  • Tomato Moussin
    I think if they could use a small steel ball it would smoothly run the full copper spiral pipe and follow any curves. Good fun play safe 👍🏽
  • Elton
    Normal Marksman: I am one of the straightest shooters around.

    Matt: sends his bullets through an entire theme park and still hits his target
  • MrPacificStorm
    This idea has actually already been experimented with during WWll! The Germans designed an MP40 with a barrel that curved 90 degrees so the user could shoot around corners or from behind cover.

    It also had a special optic with mirrors so the user could aim and see targets. If I remember right, it was never implemented because the barrel wears out super fast because of how much stress is induced during firing. Also the optic really expensive so they scrapped it.

    I imagine other armed forces and gun designers have tried similar ideas.
  • I'd love to see you do it with clear pipe and a high-speed camera!