How to fix the exhausted brain | Brady Wilson | TEDxMississauga

Published 2017-08-01
What if you could energize your brain? Brady Wilson discusses the chemistry of connection and motivation.

Brady Wilson is, undisputedly, the embodiment of focused energy. As co-founder of Juice Inc., Brady’s vision is to create a world where businesses pulsate with creative energy.

For 20 years, he has inspired countless companies including American Express, BMO, BMO Harris, Loblaw, PHH, The Co-operators, Yum! Brands Canada and some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies, to find the courage to:

consider the possibilities beyond traditional human resources strategies;
unlock the latent physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy within their organizations;
and harness employees’ potential to get them to the point of “A.B.C.D.” (going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty).

Brady is the author of four books dedicated to improving employee performance and business results: Juice: The Power of Conversation, Love at Work, Finding the Sticking Point and his most recent book Beyond Engagement.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • @mindvolution
    "People rarely leave your presence neutral. They either leave engaged or depleted." Good life observation. Great wisdom to share!
  • @tigerbunny6328
    If you or somebody you know feels tired and a decrease in productivity, ask "what matters the most to me in this context?" And use that as a basis for your future behaviour.

    If someone you know shares something, try to engage with that person by asking them more about their feelings first instead of immediately sharing a similar story you experienced.
  • I like this. Sadly, what he's describing the need for is the natural feeling of community we've been losing since we disbanded our tribes. Because our employers generally aren't our friends or family, there's too little of this and I think people get burned out from the perception that the world is hostile rather than friendly.
  • @TheLEAX
    Understanding what matters the most in different situations & connecting on it:
    A ) Belonging :
    - inclusion
    - acceptance
    - feeling part of the tribe
    - social relationships

    B ) Security :
    - systems
    - structures
    - consistency
    - rules
    - fair play

    C ) Freedom :
    - autonomy
    - independence
    - ability to get our fingerprints on things
    - take a risk and make decisions

    D ) Significance :
    - quality and excellent work
    - make progress
    - achieve great results
    - move the needle

    E ) Meaning :
    - purpose
    - legacy
    - the greater good
    - changing the world
  • 1. When your brain is depleted; you lose attention, get distracted, react impulsively, loses the thread.
    2. Leaders needs to move from parenting to partnering— when people try to fix us, it creates more depletion.
    3. Trainable skill: there are things that we can do, recognizing what we value!! Meaning, purpose, legacy— we need to connect to WHAT MATTER MOST for the employee, what MATTERS to you as a LEADER is not the same to YOUR employees— find out what matters to the other person
    4. WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU? Ask people, ask the question—ONE SINGLE QUESTION— is it Belonging, meaning, security, significance or Freedom???
    Create Connection (then that connection RELEASES oxytocin— helps with trust, rapport?
    Dopamine Level— what can you do to release this Dopamine? Yes, find an opportunity to significance
    Serotonin Level— Yes, what can you do? Partner with them for Progress—
    Avoid Putting YOURSELF in another person shoes— Your autobiographical self is limited to YOU.
    “What is it like for YOU?” People live your presence either engaged or depleted!!!
  • People rarely leave your presence neutral... they will leave your presence engaged, or depleted. One of my favorite quotes ever 🙏
  • @lisaincolor4289
    This was eye opening for me! I realize at times, I have unconsciously put myself in other people's shoes not realizing how insensitive that is. Part of growing as a individual is recognizing character defects and being more mindful. I also realize that in order to be productive, you must be fully engaged mentally and not operate in a fog. Thank You!
  • @user-ed5ke8mt7s
    One thing I took from this was that if you want to feel energized yourself, leave other ppl feeling energized by getting clear on what matters to them and by hearing them. Absolutely Excellent talk fr fr ❤️
  • @claratruex4701
    Opening with that story, being able to relate to Paula, connecting to you as a father, and that ending!!! Wow!!! Bravo!!!!

    Thank You Brady!!!

    My favorite TED talk of all time!
  • @DEBUG1984
    I'm about to cry after this talk. How I wish I knew this earlier in my life? :/ What a lesson... What a LESSON!!!
  • so my left ear is enjoying this so far, still thanks for the upload though :)
  • Great talk ! It made me realize how strongly connected are the lack of motivation and the lack of opportunity's perception. When you feel like you are left aside at work, this is when your brain becomes foggy and you feel mentally ill.
  • @suzianthony4928
    Connection/partnership/empathy is HUGE. This dude is on point.
  • @lisal440
    This is an amazing speech. It made me realize that there was never anything wrong with me. If anyone knew what I had been through!! Now I need to energize my brain with his recommendations. Thank you for explaining what I have always tried to explain to loved ones!
  • This is powerful information. We think that by sharing our 'stuff', we are connecting. But I see that just listening and asking a simple question about what they shared is much more powerful. I guess we all want to be heard and appreciated for what we've shared, But timing is everything! This reinforces my journey to be a better listener, and showing my caring by taking in what they have shared, and holding back from diluting their experience. Thanks so much for illustrating such a clear picture of what that looks like from the other side of the conversation.
  • @mindywh0624
    Wow!! This is just what I needed. I was so depleted last night because I I was doing Paula’s boss did to one of my subordinates. I was so exhausted and angry that I was read to write him off. So I prayed and this TED talk showed up so I was listening to it as I was getting ready and then again on my commute to work. How I feel hopeful again and I have a whole new game plan now how to address the conflicts that I am facing. Thank you so much!
  • @LoriWattnz
    Sleep, exercise, meditation, helps the brain get in better connection to less exhausting mind.
  • Thank you for this wisdom! This is more relevant to the current job market than ever; For companies, for employees, for job seekers, for everyone. "Burnout" is a major problem, not an excuse. People Matter MOST - Not the number in your bank account.