BMW SUBSCRIPTION For Heated Seats Are A Real Thing 😮 | PRICING Breakdown !

Published 2022-08-03
Keith And Jay Discuss How BMW Has Added Subscriptions For Heated Seats And Other Features And How The Case Can Be Made That It Is A Smart Move In The Long Run For The Manufacturer And The Consumer. Subscriptions Are Nothing New, However When It Comes To Creature Comforts We Are Not Used To The New Trend In The Automotive World. This Is Not New To The Industry However It Will Become Much More Common By The End Of This Decade. In Fact, STELLANTIS Said Recently That It Expects $23 BILLION, Yes BILLION With A "B", In Annual Revenue From Subscriptions Alone By 2030. Based On The Current Exchange Rates For US $ Dollars In Korea, This Heated Seat Subscription Will Set You Back $18 Per Month. You Can Also Choose From A $176 Annual Plan, A Three Year Plan For $283 or The Lifetime Plan For A One Time Fee Of $406.

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