THEY'RE IN THE TREES!! | Sons of the Forest

Published 2023-06-30

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  • @agorejessstone
    I love how Mark was so close to getting Ginny to like them. She even started to dance... and then dummy Bob whips out a SPEAR and scares her off. Almost every time.
  • @user-rp5or1ik5l
    I like how Kelvin is treated like their precious little child 50% of the time and the other 50% as an automated gathering machine
  • @screamyblegh3253
    If you leave her alone, she'll come and go as she pleases. Try to avoid approaching her, and put your weapons away when she's around – press the G key by default – and she'll then start to sit down while watching you, or performing ballet routines.
  • @sluginajar
    bob: “kelvin’s not even human as far as i’m concerned”
    mark: “what do you mean he’s totally human”
    kelvin: proceeds to levitate through bench
  • @arshellnut2730
    Kalvin being at the mercy of these 3 is going to be his villain origin story.
  • @ThisMusician586
    Someone described the 3 legged lady's behavior like a cat, and i think that's the best description.
  • @Coael
    I know for a fact I can watch Mark play literally anything with his friends, and it will be super entertaining.
  • @klabird9782
    Mark: chasing her is weird
    Also Mark: chases with a spear of fish YOU WANT FISH?
  • @BubblesZap
    Mark stabbing the fire to cook the fish is a brilliant move
  • @bristabean
    Even though the bit is hilarious from all POVs, Bob’s POV if Mark trying to give a fish peace offering to Virginia is hilarious 😂
  • @monkebrain5932
    Would it be wrong of me to say that I’m very invested in how the development between the boys and the lady will go? Like, she’s clearly not like the other mutants on the island and she honestly looks like a real sweet person.
  • @milesclarke7085
    Mark screaming “I need assistance” has the same energy as “I need an adult!!!”
  • @Punkninja
    mark is the guy who takes surviving seriously while bob and wade survive only on marks efforts
  • 10:27 “She’s elegant like a ballet dancer.” You might be right Mark.
    (If you know, you know).
  • @delta-allon6882
    Wade and Bob chases Virginia to harm her like psychopaths while Mark chases her to offer her a fish.
  • These guys are so funny together, they should make a podcast so I can listen to them on the go!
  • It's funny watching the fish argument from Bob's perspective, then seeing Mark actually dropped his fish in the dirt instead of cooking them. 😅
  • @valkyrie3631
    favorite Wade quote to this day at 21:03 . “Well new day new crimes”
  • -Throws a spear at the guy chillin on the rock.
    -Guy attacks Mark in self defense.
    -Mark murders guy.
    "They attacked us first." - Mark