My first Playable Army: Jenns Sisters of Battle Showcase

Published 2024-04-19

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  • @philipheng3876
    A battle rep between the sisters + knight and traitor guard + knight would be great :D
  • Love the idea of demons being made to repent, very cool idea. Maybe using khorne demons as bases and that's where your sisters learnt about using blood sacrifices?
  • @xesca.7999
    I really like this new format, and wow, I love how Jen's SoB look, that army calls to me and if I were to start one, I would 100% took a page or two out of how she does them
  • @MisterF946
    I absolutely love the blood lake thing and the Khorne adjacent comment gave me an idea for a conversion. Khorne could really want these guys but they are able to stay devout. Having a sister with a blood letter whispering in her ear while shes praying would make a pretty awesome cannoness or similar. In the lore lately Khorne has been doing a lot of trying to corrupt people by literally just whispering to them. The scene where he's trying to get Rogal Dorn to give into bloodlust is a favourite.
  • @emdeo
    "I really like the Sisters of Battle, but maybe they could be worse?" gosh that lake of blood sounds horrible, what a wonderful faction! and that scenic base is so good.
  • Thank you for taking us through your army, Jenn. You've given me a lot to think about when I start tackling my own Sisters. Amazing video as always, gang!
  • @DarrylAdams
    I do like the format, it helps that Jenn looks very comfortable in front of the camera. And the little TT Combat report at the end is helpful as I am using DZ Commander figures for Epic games (oPR is also developing a Epic SciFi game) and the design ethos of the humans has always attracted me, if not the game itself
  • Jenn you’re the best. I’ve loved all your videos lately. Love to see another woman in the warhammer space, you really inspire me.
  • Enjoyed listening and seeing all the models on this video. Even my beloved Middle Earth SBG got a brief mention!!! Thanks
  • @MaccusWellMinis
    Congrats on getting your army all together and painted! Jealous of how good they look
  • can't wait when dave gets his barista coffee machine in the studio, and this segment starts with dave making coffee. Also, RIP to all the minis that are broken in Tabletop TalkTime
  • @imkringe439
    sorry if some one had already said it but the sarcophagus looking thing on the front of the repentance engine is an iron maiden, it it has spikes inside and i also like that version better also everything looks cool
  • @skorpekh
    I genuinely love this video so much. The in depth dive into the love and passion behind your army and hobby is so good. Plus the models are really cool and wonderfully painted. I can't wait to see more of the channels armies (or guests)
  • @B__C__
    Cool Sisters army! I also struggle with paint schemes. When the Warhammer 40k 9th edition Indomitus box dropped and Guy at Midwinter Minis posted Sandstone Necron video, I really, really liked it, but resisted copying it. I really wanted something "my own" (I was thinking a sort of black and orange cooling magma scheme), but I couldn't get over the speed of his scheme, or the skeleton bone color which totally fit the models, plus all of my other army projects were on the dark side and I wanted something striking and new, so I finally broke down and painted up about 1500 or so points of desert stony Necrons (over a long weekend no less) to go with my Xenomorph-colored Tyranids, starfield Drukhari, and temperate rain forest Orks (my main army). Now I have to decide what to paint that Sisters army I've slowly been collecting....
  • @harveypearce593
    That diorama for Celestine is absolutely gorgeous! Especially with the fire and glow effects. Very noice! Also based custodies take.
  • @northyhobbies
    Very cool! I really want to get back to my AS army, one day soon :)
  • Great showcase video. You may have influenced me to get some Sisters. Got 10 battle sisters and 1 paragon warsuit to start. Painted them as Sisters of the thorn with bone armour
  • @inzayninthegame
    Exciting to see the army done Jenn, great work they look amazing!
  • @kieran2221
    That's such an amazingly cohesive force! It's amazing.