360 Degree View of Giza Pyramids, Cairo, Egypt, Part 2

Published 2008-10-02
A selection of scenes from my desert journey to Cairo in may 2006. The age of the pyramids clearly shows off and the observer is initially stunt and confused by the mixture of ancient and contemporary atmospheres that fill this magical-tales place

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  • @maxina111
    this is the best I have ever seen of the Egyptian Pyramids: Truly terrific.
  • @batfish1225
    Very cool scene! Great video and great music.
  • @0rip0
    Excellent vid! I've always wanted to see the pyramids. I've never seen a close-up view like this. Someday I will finally go and see them for myself.
  • @carpathiandragon
    oh man, I'v dreamed of being there since I was a little girl. I swore to myself when I was seven that I would be there no matter WHAT ;_; this is wonderful!
  • @mindvolution
    Dreams are an amazing phenomenon of human mind and have the ability to influence the very reality that surrounds us! I was somewhat disappointed when I got there at the entrance to the pyramids plateau - the pyramids were aged and these annoying mobile traders following you constantly, so commercial and soooo much people.. But then I realized that my dream was complete and just sat at a sand dune whole afternoon gazing at the pyramids and the desert wind blowing in my face :) You get there girl!
  • @carpathiandragon
    I haven't been there yet, but the pyramids are definatley what I've dreamed of seeing. ¬_¬ I'll get there soon I swear!
  • @NaaBegNoFriend
    u r so lucky to have gone there. the history and importance of this place oozes from my computer screen. I bet they soon lock off these places from the public...hope not before i get there.
  • @greenmagoos
    F&*% me sideways.

    I need to go here. At least once.

  • @mindvolution
    @ariesas : The people in Caior were nice, normal people. I was all by myself and went to a lot of place around the city, most of the time I felt quite safe. There was one instance when a man warned me not to venture in a certain part of a neighborhood I was heading to and another when a bow my age tried to diverge me into a small street, to rob me probably, but if you are cautious and wise you will be fine. Just as in any other city in the world.
  • @mindvolution
    By the power of collective will - it is an amazing human quality that builds civilizations!
    And with workers who were paid and also believed that their pharaoh is indeed a god and their god deserved a godly resting place for eternity! :]
  • @mindvolution
    Also, see the first part! They are one whole episode :]
  • @RNBMusicNJ
    I never knew the stones were crumbling down off them so much. You could be hit at any time by a rock fall
  • @mindvolution
    And... did you went there to see pyramids of Egypt? :-))