Published 2017-12-28
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Produced by William Augusto

All I do is for The Glory of Jesus Christ!!

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Know more about In His Presence Label, a record label with kingdom values that started with a word we received, the Holy Spirit was commissioning us to raise those artists that He was going to highlight to us.
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William Augusto is a Brazilian producer, living between São Paulo Brazil, Redding CA and Spain.
He is a professional producer since 2000 He has only produced Christian singers and bands around the world, is full time dedicated to the ministry. William’s desire is to attract and magnify the presence of God through his music. #Worship #Prayer #InstrumentalWorship #PrayerMusic #Instrumental #EverythingIsPossibleWithJesus

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  • Have you heard ab In His Presence Label?

    In His Presence Label is a record label with kingdom values, it started with a word we received, the Holy Spirit was commissioning us to raise those artists that He was going to highlight to us. 
    On many occasions, those who are unlikely in whom we would see the Holy Spirit. 
    The Davids, the Gideons, the Josephs, the Esters, who are burning with love for the Lord. Those who are called to impact this generation through the arts.

    Our commitment is to empower kingdom-minded artists, by producing quality music and videos to spread the gospel in the sphere of the arts. Sowing in their ministry so that they can have an effective tool to make the Father's heart known.

    Our goal is not to empower just well-known artists, but it is to empower artists that the Holy Spirit highlights to us, mostly those “improbable" whom He wants to raise in a healthy environment.

    Our desire is to raise those artists that the Holy Spirit shows us, and take care of them at the same time that we bless them to fulfill one of their purposes.

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    Fb: www.facebook.com/In-His-Presence-Label-10339185133…
  • @GospelMusicMix01
    I was a Hindu .I accepted Jesus as my lord and saviour one year ago.plz pray for my family to come to know about jesus!
  • @userbruh755lol
    As a 12 year old loving God and Jesus this much, I’m hoping I’ll live an amazing life in the future and to anyone reading this
  • My mother is now in stage 4 cancer, please include her in your prayers. I'm crying right now as I type this. But I am hopeful that Lord will heal her. God bless us all!
  • Today is my 21st bday and I have decided to surrender my life Jesus Christ our Savior. This is my best birthday ever!! ❤❤❤
  • Lord I ask that you would bless every soul listening to this instrumental. I pray that chains and strongholds will be broken, that broken relationships will be restored, I pray that strength will be given to the weak, and guidance for the lost. Lord I speak healing over the sick, and warmth and love over the broken. Lord touch every individual who will read this, and shower them with your love, with peace, mercy, and grace, in your son Jesus name, I pray. Amen.
  • I played your music after delivering my baby naturally . I was told I was going into stroke status if my blood pressure did not come down in the matter of minutes . The nurse informed me I would be rushed to icu. I prayed and put this music on . To God be the glory my blood pressure came down I was able to stay with my baby in the hospital while we were there .
  • We played this while I was in labor and as I gave birth to my son. The Holy Spirit filled that hospital room with a thick presence. He was born into peace. Even the staff said it was the most peaceful birth they have ever been a part of. Thank you Jesus❤️
  • @eturcios1984
    The most beautiful experience in my 38 years of existence was the presence of the Holy Spirit as I prayed I began to uncontrollably cry from within.. it was a different type of cry and feeling.. like actually feeling remorseful the cry was deep from within my soul I know that was him working and breaking and him tearing away the grasp the enemy has had me in.. I felt grace and peace afterwards I just couldn’t stop crying. He put in my heart that we must seek him every day pray and ask for forgiveness as we are humans he completely understands however do our due diligence to truly seek him with all our hearts.. we can’t expect God to work with us full time and him bring prayers to our lives if it’s his will if we only want him part time in our lives it doesn’t work like that.. let’s be better give him praise.. Amen 🙏🏻whoever is reading this keep praying he does hear your prayers and sooner or later u will truly see what I am talking about.. I love y’all keep your heads up.. God is and always be there.
  • Who many people are proud to say, I am nothing with out God? 🙏 ❤
  • @traveldiary5043
    Was travelling from Mumbai to Dar Es Salaam, playing this on my headphone and praying. As I landed at the Dar Es Salaam Airport in Tanzania I removed my headphone and proceeded to the immigration. I still was hearing this music and thought my ears are ringing.

    But this instrumental was being played at the Dar airport. Even now when I am returning back to India 17 days later this same instrumental is being played at the airport.

    Jesus is Lord!!
  • @vasrwa
    Cried watching this. My doctor informed me I would die two years ago from cancer. I lost my job and felt terrible. I lost hope and trust, but I remained turning to God because he never fails. My brothers and sisters in Christ, I am glad and delighted to inform you. that I'm cancer-free and run three businesses. I will always thank God and a few others. Lyra Holt Dean and my parents supported me. I never regretted working with Blockchain. Stay blessed! she referred me to. I tell everyone how she improved my life and thank God for her. GOD WILL SEE YOU THROUGH. Comment AMEN if you believe. Stay blessed!
  • @cptredhorse5156
    I’ve fallen asleep to this music almost every night for the last 5 years. It is the closest I think I’ll get to perfect peace in an earthly audio form ❤️
  • 3 years ago I was 19 and I lost my Dad in a car accident. I lost hope because I was always praying for my parents ever since I was a kid. I was asking God to protect them and seeing my father dying felt like God did not care about my prayer.

    I grew cold and started living my life the way I wanted, I drank as much alcool that you can imagine, I started smoking heavily, partying with people that I wasn’t suppose to be around and destroying myself.

    I told my mom that I didn’t want to believe in God anymore because I felt played and betrayed. But God never gave up on me.

    During my time far away from God I did everything I wanted. But my heart was still empty. I thought maybe if kept living the way I was living my void would go away but it didn’t.

    I felt into depression and hopelessness. I contemplated suicide and I thought that God was not there but he was.

    God waited until I realized that nothing could save me and I came back to him I asked him to forgive me and to make me understand his ways.

    Ever since I realized that my void could only be repaired by God. I healed from the dead of my Dad, I carry the great moment we had, all the advise that he gave and God gave me the strength to move on and be happy.

    I don’t know who is reading this but I want to tell you one thing. There is a void in your heart and only God can fill it.
  • I was about to die from an overdose in my apartment in Miami all alone after so many different drugs…I went to grab my phone and I couldn’t even see what I pressed and out of no where YouTube started and this song played. My heart was beating out of my chest and then the room turned white and I felt at peace. My heart slowed down and I survived. Jesus Christ is real people. He saved my life.
  • @donnalaws1648
    I'm a teacher and this is perfect during quiet times in my class and as the kids come into my room. It also helps to relieve my stress before the day begins. Thank you.

    People listening to this in 2022, line up here 💕💕
  • This had me crying immediately. So much repressed pain came up that was buried deep. This is truly heavenly and not of This world. GOD BLESS!
  • @deborahwesala
    Today Holy Spirit answered my prayers this way:
    I have struggled with my cowardice and my silence as sins of unbelief. I didn't know how to overcome them. something always kept me silent. the words "give them to Me" caught my heart as i watched the chosen. So I gave Jesus my cowardice and my silence and my struggle about the whole unbelief thing.
    My answer today was seeing a woman waving an American flag on an overpass. I really admired her courage to stand alone. I wondered if she would let me stand with her. I drove all the way back, parked, and walked over to ask her. Before I got out of the car Holy Spirit prompted me to bring my big Bible with me. I told her I admired her courage and I asked her if I could stand with her and read aloud over the traffic going beneath us. She said "yes of course". So I read aloud from the Psalms, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Revelation, Jeremiah, and Luke. God''s Word is so good! Thank You King Jesus! Holy Spirit blessed me with seeing a fellow believer's simple act of faith, which in turn encouraged me to take a small step of my own.
    it might not be a big deal to most people, but to me I already feel different.
    LOL, and now i have to rest before nightshift...
  • @migscaff
    8 months clean and sober, thank you Jesus. Greater is he that lives in me , then in this world . Much Love and blessings for you dear brothers and sisters