Man Who Hates Small Dogs Gets A Chihuahua - Watch Their Nightly Bedtime Routine | The Dodo

Published 2022-04-12
Guy with small dog phobia gets a Chihuahua, and fell in love at first sight. Spoiling her more everyday, he has a nightly bedtime routine for 5 pound dog, Pickles - involving a foot bath, heating up her blanket, and tucking her in.

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All Comments (21)
  • Mike
    It’s cute how she looks up at him. You can tell she feels safe and loved.
  • IamShe
    Awe 🤣🤣🤣 she's so spoiled. Not gonna lie, she's the cutest chihuahua I've seen 💕
  • Oceania
    All animals deserve this kind of treatment
    He’s such a good man
  • Ky Gal
    I love it when they wag their tails and their whole body wiggles!
  • WOW 🤩..the big dog was like “where’s my blanket” sweet.. they have a way of stealing your heart ❤️..I have a Doxie and a them both..😊😊
  • J Z
    0:56 she’s so happy to see him. She didn’t just wag her tail she was wagging her whole body.
  • Miss Jellybean
    She looks at him with pure adoration and the feeling is obviously mutual.
  • Kristal
    Now this just warms my heart. She’s a hunka suga princess indeed
  • I needed that, my husband was just like that with all our animals. He had a routine for each one. I miss him so much but this brought back all the reasons I fell in love with my husband.
  • frankie
    Omg, this guy. Seriously, he is something special.
  • Thumper 2
    The way she looks at him with love in her eyes. She definitely picked him as her owner. So precious.
  • Angus McIntyre
    Can you imagine how well he treats his wife (children) ? Seems he is a very loving young man. Men who aren't afraid to show emotion, especially with animals are definitely special.
  • I do the EXACT same thing as the hot laundry pile!
    Exactly the same: I would only fold the clothes that she's not laying on.
    If she falls asleep on top of some clothes, I just let her nap. I would just fold the rest later! 😹
  • Ross Duran
    I can totally relate. I never wanted a "yappy little dog" and then I had a little girl that changed my life. There's something about that innocence, love and trust that can make a hard-edged guy get just a little softer...a little bit. Lol
  • Luigi Soldier
    I LITERALLY do everything this guy does with my Chihuahuas as well. Everytime they see me holding the laundry basket they always think there's warm clothes in there wether there are or not, but when I DO have Fresh laundry and I put the warm clothes on them I always get and fold the stuff around them and will fold whatever they are laying on last.
  • Camaro Jai
    Oh yea….she’s definitely daddy’s baby. Her little wiggle and hops for him how precious ❤️
  • Skreemqueen 75
    Cuteness Overload!!! She loves him so much … the way she looks at him is precious!! Love it !!