Rain & Deep Thunder Nature Sounds for Relax, Study, Sleep

Published 2016-11-19
Rain & Deep Thunder Nature Sounds for Relax, Study, Sleep

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  • MrSadMan
    My wife and I had to move away from home where we grew up together, where there was so much rain all year round. Now we are in a dry desert, and we’re heartbroken without the rain. It gives me peace seeing others who like the rain, and there may be a day we can return to somewhere rainy. Until then, we listen to this every night. Goodnight from the desert, and if you miss home, you’re not alone. Stay strong and relax, go ahead and schedule sadness for another time.
  • Jane Moreland
    I have been listening to this every night for months, just love it...so relaxing. We've been in a drought here in Australia so it's refreshing to hear the rain. Ironically it's finally raining the past few days and nights. But I can't sleep with the window open as the rain comes in from every direction. So this video is the next best thing. Thanks for the upload and goodnight from Queensland, Australia.
  • Five-Oh
    Sounds beautiful on a subwoofer and sound bar! I close my eyes and it’s just like having a window cracked during a storm. You feel every thunder rumble ❤️
  • This nature sound is the most relax and calming, I’d love to hear this forever 🌱💚😍
  • Dojato
    Man I can't help help 😭 listening to the sound of rain this is so relaxing 😴😴 and it helps to concentrate while studying.
  • Shane Noel
    Have always loved the rain it really relaxes me.
  • Chantel Labonne
    Love this! Rain and thunder: the best sounds for sleeping peacefully! Thank you!
  • Elizabeth T
    I always love to hear the rain drops and the sounds of thunder at night. I would cuddled up with a blanket and sleep like a baby.(:
    If you're not sleepy, grab a book while lying in bed, oh wow! The sounds enable sweet dreams too😌
  • I'm sitting in my backyard with a cup of coffee, taking a break before an online meeting. This rainstorm is playing in my headphones, and because of these 15 minutes of peace, my meeting will go well. I'm autistic, and a career software engineer, and this video is perfect for focus and calm reflection.
  • Julie H
    Exquisite. I can actually feel the coolness. Love the image!
  • Lily Gray
    I listen to this every night to help me sleep so relaxing
  • Reno Pick
    Almost 4 years and this is still one of the few videos I come back to when the insomnia hits me or if I'm too stressed to study.
  • Monique Mckoy
    I had insomnia and this makes me sleep right through the night. I no longer feel drained and tired all the time. I am now able to go through my day productively.
    Good night from Jamaica
  • Relax Sleep ASMR
    hey to you reading this (: whatever brings you here, wether it's to fall asleep or to relax from something stressful, i just wanted to let you know that everything will be fine. If you're going through a hard time right now, it's okay to remind yourself that this is temporary, and there are many good and relaxing days to come. If you're about to sleep, i hope you will have the most beautiful dreams, and the most peaceful sleep. You are an amazing person and the world is lucky to have someone like you in it. I hope only good things, love and strenth will come your way. Goodnight (: <3
  • G Hendrix
    Great video to go to sleep to, I've used this one every night for a week now..Thanks Relax Channel Harmony Sound
  • Awesome work, I just love these soothing sounds, they really do bring peace to the mind, just great to relax with after a long day!
  • Jaylynn Jenkins
    I love this sound I can sleep peacefully💘 and wake up relaxed ready for my day😻