The Graham Norton Show S20E03 (FULL): Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Chris O'Dowd, Niall Horan

Published 2016-10-16
Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Chris O'Dowd, Niall Horan

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  • Tiffany Kim
    Niall seems like a sweet and simple guy, so talented. His and Harry's music is def my fav type of music. So proud of them all especially those two.
  • Moe Skeetz
    Chris O’Dowd is freaking hilarious. That Whitney Houston line was priceless
  • globalman
    Thank you. I fight not to overdose on your channel but I cannot get enough of these shows. To be able to see the film clips and hear the musical numbers is grandiose.
    I love the Irish folk, not only to listen to the variety of Irish accents but there is something that is so delightfully infectious in their personalities and humour. And mostly on Graham's show they are incredibly attractive.
    To say Niall is gorgeous would be redundant as would Amy. She is so beautiful one cannot stop staring. Her skin, face, her hair must be the envy of every woman on the planet. She knows how to present herself in a tasteful way and has a remarkable personality. So many women like her in Hollywood are real pills and not so nice.
    I think Jeremy may be a bit conservative or uptight but in the face of all these great personalities he quite loosened up and could find humour in the banter. You can see Americans are not used to any kind of reference to toilet issues as are people this side of the pond. It is for better or worse frequently a theme on Graham's show. LOL
    Chris, his incredible humour aside is not only attractive but seems to have such a generous spirit he is a pleasure to see each time he visits this show. He and John Bishop are among my favourites.
    It is nice to see this show as I've already seen the later one where Niall has finished his album and is going on a world tour. I wish the best for him. He was always my favourite of the group. I could perceive there was much more talent hidden within him than he was able to express within the confines of the group and the pressure of being an idol for millions of silly screaming teen girls.
  • Daniel Brown
    Thanks so much for doing these good quality episodes of Graham Norton and keeping in the clips and music. Really great work.
  • Amy: I tried to sing "Let it Go" the last time, but you said something about the rights, it'd get expensive...

    Graham: Yeah, that was so clever of me to shut it down like that!

    Graham is savage! I love him!!
  • Rian Hassan
    I love how comfortable Amy is with Jeremy.
  • Joyce Johnson
    Chris is pleased as punch with Niall's success!
  • Graham's suit is so fun, Amy just glows, Jeremy looked like Daniel Craig when he came on to the stage, and I want to take Chis home with me. Gorgeous!
  • Cielo McMeekin
    The arrival is one of my favorite movies. So incredible
  • Iskra Cruz
    I like it, Amy and Niall were so like buddies
  • I can't believe Chris swatted Niall on the butt when he walked over to perform. Seemed so brotherly. Like, yeah, you're a super star, but we're Irishmen and in this together.
  • Mike Boon
    I miss the show being like this before Covid happened.
  • audio junkie
    Always hoped Jeremy would become the next Jack Ryan... IMO I think he would have been excellent!! Also, wish the Bourne Legacy would have taken off... another excellent job he did not get enough credit for!!
  • Ilang Ilang
    Jeremy is just something. Really something. 😮😮😮