I Paid A Real Assassin To Try To Kill Me

Published 2023-03-18
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All Comments (21)
  • MrBeast
    For those of you wondering, he was an Assasin in the military haha
  • EvanMCGaming
    Now we know why Twitter thought MrBeast died
  • mom2mmpt
    Imagine all the permits Jimmy would have needed to make all this happen.
  • Mr Amogus
    these guys will definitely have something to tell their grandchildren
  • casey Bowling
    Im literally jealous of how much fun you have making a living.
  • Curtis M Jensen
    Dude went from counting for views to blowing up a bank... Respect
  • Neeko
    The fact he bought out and set up something in every room is insane... That Main Hotel Room looked awesome!
  • Jakerton
    Mr Beast is slowly turning into a real life James Bond.
  • Luke Hartman
    It’s a good thing jimmy can pay for everything or he would be committing several war crimes.
  • Andrew
    this channel is completly different from 5 years ago its so crazy to see the amount of change the whole group has gone thru
  • Jesus X-MJ
    Este tΓ­o combina el dinero y la diversiΓ³n de una forma increΓ­ble.
  • BotFact
    Let's we all appreciate the content this man and his crew makes JUST a masterpiece imagine WHATS he's gonna doing in the future❀❀❀
  • I’m so proud that my faith in humanity doubled and gave it to the next person 😊
  • Aminium Music
    Probably one of the most chaotic MrBeast videos ever. I love it!
  • slezzy
    god there will never be a youtuber more entertaining/ thoughtful than jimmy. ily!
  • Easily the most creative use of product placement in the last few decades. Bravo Beast, another instant classic
  • McSquilliam
    He WAS an assassin in the military. If the spec ops is actually after you, they will arrive unseen and unheard, and well within their desired time frame.
  • Arnol Pastrana
    Soy de Colombia, necesito y quiero participar en alguno de estos retos, se siente la adrenalina! Y deja muchas enseΓ±anzas
  • Steven He
    I wouldn't be surprised if MrBeast legit gets BATMAN to hunt him down