Blind Dates Go Through Each Other's Phones

Published 2021-03-30

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  • the fact that he was showin off that he works out at the beginning and she ended up being a trainer who was unimpressed by his form is comedy gold to me
  • @kt2725
    I love the hypocrisy of him saving screenshots of women’s pictures and then being an asshole to her for having pictures of herself on her phone. My guy, how do you think the pictures on your phone happen??
  • @serena6679
    him immediately trying to roast her is getting me so good
  • @ClassifiedM96
    This is the perfect example of a guy feeling like his ego was attacked and immediately becoming defensive in the worst possible way
  • When he said "she thinks she's cute" that told us everything we needed to know lmao
  • @ceilidhx3
    Every sentence this guy says is a red flag.
  • the girl being a trainer and telling him his form was wrong after he said he needed a girl that works out was a power move
  • @madid3000
    I love how he wanted someone who was fit but when she DEFINITELY was- he got scared💀 and roasted asf cause shes a trainer😭
  • @maren2436
    i hate that he was like “she’s got to be fit” then gets mad that she has photos of her body.

    very much seems like one of those guys who’s wants a hot girl but doesn’t like when she’s confident in herself as well.
  • My guy felt so emasculated by her he made an entire fool of himself the entire second half of the vid. Wish it ended with her out lifting him or something lmfao
  • honestly, it felt like she just had a playful attitude and he mistook her pokes for stabs. she's properly suited for a fun relationship with casual, light-hearted teasing. he's obviously not.
  • the men in the comments defending him like he wasn’t a creep is so funny
  • @thriller008
    They should've let the "blind dates" meet first before going through each other's phones, then see if their opinion on them has changed after seeing what's on their phone.
  • "Would you two go on a second date with each other?"
    Girl: Immediate no
    Guy: Awkwardly smile genuinely shocked he has been rejected and upset he didn't say no first
  • I actually think she wasn't too rude
    She didn't make many comments, didn't roast nor laugh lol she literally described what she was seeing but that guy was definitely tryna be savage.. and kinda failing cus he can't roast lmao
    Just came off like a jerk
  • @marybrown4936
    He is the kind of guy that when you reject him he says “whatever you’re not that hot, I didn’t want date you anyway 😠”
  • @xanthe4547
    “She thinks she’s cute” she is cute.
  • @hhmmhmhm5743
    Her: It's pretty weird that he has photos of women bent over with their asses in the air.
    Him: Wow, she personalizes her phone? So basic.
  • @howdyhorses61
    A guy saying “I’m 5’9 and a quarter” is like a 6 year old kid saying “I’m 6 and a half” because they’re upset they’re not taller and every quarter inch counts