Pardison Fontaine - THEE PERSON (Official Lyric Video)

Published 2023-11-17
Pardison Fontaine - THEE PERSON (Official Lyric Video)

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After watching people drag your name and
And, and talk about you in unfavorable ways
In order to get attention, uh, clicks
I never thought you would do something like that to me
Oh, I'd like to apologize for, uh
No longer keeping up with your lies
Or supporting your habits to tell half-truths
I hope this message reaches you well
Hope you get the help you need

Look, you talk shit about Kellon
Shit about Jayla and Darren
You talk shit about everybody
Except for the person in the mirror that's staring
You talk shit like you Keisha then cry like a Karen
Fuck awards that you won, money you got, clothes that you wearing
A whole lot happened in these last two years
But this is the part that you sharing
I just wish you'd tell the whole truth
When you was going through shit, how I hold you
"It's gon' be okay, " that's what I told you
I was the realest nigga you was close to and that's for real
The people that know you don't love you
The people that love you don't know you
I loved you out loud, I was vocal
Said you never seen that up close
I said, "Come here, baby, let me show you"
Sit down for a second, girl, you need to hear this
Be for real, you ain't even realistic
Got lipo then you started posting gym pics
The things that you're doing is sadistic
Spent four hours doin' glam, not a blemish
But your foundation is off, you need to fix it
Clean up your spirit and not just your image
I thought that's what you was doin' wit' your downtime
When the snake shed its skin, it only change on the outside
You got emotional hurdles
Man, the work that you need is internal
When love goes bad, can't believe it
Archive pics 'cause you can't delete it
Damn, see me with Jada Kingdom and then you went Jada Pinkett

Saw you pop out, wish you the best
You see me pop out, start grippin' your chest
Damn, thought you was on an island, healing
I guess the newer album need a villain
Brand new way for you to be a victim
And you did all of this on my daughter birthday
Ooh, girl, you consistent, shit
I gotta love you from a distance
Same nigga that you did all the tags for the beats
You let that nigga tag, let him beat
You let me give ' em dap when we meet
Even that, I kept discreet
I asked you to your face, "Did you fuck them niggas?"
And you swore on your mother
I knew from then, I couldn't trust her
More lies from the lips of a lover
Same lips that I got tatted on my shoulder
Even then, I kept my composure
I was supposed to
This the girl that I'm trying to propose to
Ask Greg Una, I had picked out a ring
Then you lied to my face
Went on TV and then lied to Gayle King
I found out with the rest of the world
Girl, I treated you like a queen
Whole time, I'm a clown in your circus
I tried to pull you up out the mud
Here you are, tryna drown me on purpose
You know the devil was a serpent
For some streams and views, girl, I hope it was worth it
This ain't for Megan Thee Stallion
This is for Megan Thee Person

Had me beefin' with niggas you know you was fuckin'
Beautiful girl, but your soul is disgusting
You got everything, but you still ain't happy
That should be showing you some
Hire detectives, girl, you the feds
Not in your house, not in your bed
You lyin' to people, you sick in the head

Keep it a buck, you could be honest
Talkin' 'bout me and some dame
Like, I was just out here doin' my thing
The way that you painting this picture's a shame
How many times did I catch you texting them niggas?
You did you first, I just did me bigger
You flew out the country, ain't call for days
In my mind, we had parted ways
You was back to movin' awful strange
In an effort to fix it, I took all the blame
Like I always do
Apologize for shit that I know I ain't do
How you want grace and lack empathy?
Even 'til this day, I'm not your enemy
I'm returning the vibes that you sending me
I wanted me and you to work more than anything
I still want your well-being more than anything
You can still hit my mom up for anything
The breakup was clean, you made it a mess
I never planned on saying anything
I see you take shot after shot
But never seen you swallow a drop of accountability
You fall out with everyone in your vicinity
Is that depression or is it hostility?

Had me beefin' with niggas you know you was fuckin'
Beautiful girl, but your soul is disgusting
You got everything, but you still ain't happy
That should be showing you some
Hire detectives, girl, you the feds
Not in your house, not in your bed
You lyin' to people, you sick in the head

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All Comments (21)
  • @Gemjunkietee
    This is not a diss track, this is a message and it was well delivered.
  • @VickyyT20131
    For a man this was actually clean and classy. No bitches no hoes I’m impressed with how he communicated this story ….
  • @kirtytheGOAT
    This didn't feel like a diss track. It felt like he was getting his feelings out.
  • @davialevy1318
    Not the nicki beef making this song go up😂😂😂
  • @ms.ashley999
    Sounds like he really loved her, still loves her, but didn't wanna get sucked into her delusion. He spoke his truth, and it's well written. No one can be mad at this. Much healing to both.
  • I’m very impressed with his ability to tell his truth without disrespecting her. This was masterful honestly
  • @URirevellant
    That boy pen game is SHARP! He did it respectfully, not a diss track, just a real song.
  • @ttonyamonster
    Straight from the heart. He loves her still and wishes her well even after all that shit. Sounds like a stand up dude who really got his heart broken.
  • @afrosnhookah
    He actually connected the dots that needed to be connected. His ability to write and tell a story is on point. I dig it.
  • @hautethrill2252
    Not a diss track, but a truth track. He never dissed her, just told his truths. Much respect to his lyrical abilities.
  • @JonelleNara
    He owned what he did and he gave context and he set the record straight without dissing her or calling her names. It feels genuine to me.
  • @dontatme2012
    It’s ok for Meg to do it, but y’all mad at him for replying?! 🤡
  • @itzblakkwater
    You can tell in his voice that he really didn't want to do this but had to get shyt off his chest. This well done...bravo
  • @Pretty.Melanin
    This wasn’t a diss song. This was literally poetry. This man is telling the truth. There is such emotion behind his words and he wasn’t disrespectful at all in telling his side of the story. I still LOVE Meg as an artist because I can deny her talent. But I feel like Pardi is speaking the truth on their relationship. ❤
  • @kendrakoster2964
    He said all he needed to say and still managed to keep it respectful , very impressed . And this chorus slaps 😭
  • @yesme9115
    This was very well done. He wasn’t cruel, he was straightforward.
  • @charm4050
    Try not to be one-sided just because you're a fan of one of them. Instead, genuinely listen. This is so poetic and lyrical.😮‍💨🔥
  • @chocolithoney
    Many men have the same stories about women. We love to focus on toxic men when it’s VERY toxic women out here. I am glad he is able to express himself and get his side of the story out there
  • @Hellomf79
    If “I spared you by not telling my side” was a person. And that person always get the short end ..