THE BEGINNING...? | Sons of the Forest

Published 2023-06-24

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  • @kdej-si4vo
    The amount of time it takes for them to do absolutely nothing is honestly impressive
  • @midevilgirl
    I just imagine for Kelvin this probably his worst nightmare. Trapped on a monster infested island, hearing gone, possibly has a concussion, and his only hope for survival are these guys.
  • @gamepapa1211
    The fact that an A.I. companion like Kelvin is contributing a whole lot more than two human companions just makes me worry for humanity.
  • @Rayneworld
    Bob's red "M" marker and Wade's green "L" marker keep making me think that Mark is on the island with Mario and Luigi
  • @misssavage7231
    Y’all were working together so cohesively in The Forest , then we get here to Sons of the Forest and there’s pure chaos with Kelvin and Wade throwing logs, Bob screwing around with grenades, and Mark declaring war on everyone. What tf happened?
  • @rainedroses4291
    "Your violence was not exactly impressive to me" is now a mark quote I will forever use
  • @SweshG
    A legendary moment starts from today where Mark and his friends go on a journey just like 2 years ago
  • @Lovioxking
    Mark: "If any of you hurt Kelvin, I'm going to blow up this island with atomics"

    Wade: And I took that personally
  • Mark softly saying "war" when Bob comes into the cave just sent me 😂😂
  • @KaedaFlints
    I’m so glad Kelvin isn’t being treated like shit every other YouTuber is treating him terribly and for some reason I’ve bonded so hard with those pixels 😂 poor Kelvin is just doing his best
  • @Amy-oi3mo
    Bob: 'I want to tell Kelvin to listen to our podcast distractible!'
    Kelvin: d e a f
  • @alexie101010
    Wade: How do we summon Kelvin? Is there some sort of whistle??
    Mark: Well... he's kind of deaf
    The guys: Kelvin....Kelvin!!! KELVIN!
  • @kwrset
    they’re screaming at each other in the walkie talkies while kelvin is freshly deaf and panicking on the ground💀, kelvin has a lot in for him poor guy 😭
  • @kamikaze00007
    I only realized this just now, but perhaps the reason Kelvin was confused under the helicopter was because both his eardrums have gotten ruptured and his sense of balance and direction was horribly confused at the time. If I recall correctly, our organs responsible for our sense of balance are connected to our ears. That's why getting hit on the side of the head can make a boxer's head spin into a knockdown. This is different from getting a concussion which seems to be caused by the brain "rebounding" inside the skull instead.
  • @gamepapa1211
    Mark: "I'd like to start fresh and say that you guys...there's noone I'd like to be stranded in an island with."
    Mark, 3 seconds later: "WAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!"
  • @dionemartins0212
    23:15 I love how you can see Mark looking back at them and giving up on the idea of private property
    Wade: “I’m choosing to leave now” 😂😂😂😂
  • Mark just having no reaction to Wade suicide bombing him with grenades made me laugh harder than it should have.
  • Telling the newly deaf Kelvin to listen to Distractible is peak “we didn’t pay that much attention to the story” energy.
  • @Andimax11
    I haven’t watched yet, but I just wanted to emphasize the importance of Kelvin, and remind everyone that he must be protected at all cost