Learn How To Trust God's Timing with Rick Warren

Published 2019-01-04
saddleback.com/ — Have you ever waited on God for something you desperately needed? Maybe it was a job, a spouse, a repaired relationship, a clean bill of health, or direction for your life. The Christmas story is also a story of waiting — the world was waiting for a Savior, and God answered that need by sending his Son, Jesus, to Earth at just the right time in history. In this special Christmas message, Pastor Rick Warren shows us how we can trust God’s perfect timing in our own lives. By looking at the example of Jesus’ birth, we can trust a God who overcomes our fear, teaches us patience, reminds us of his promises, and tells us to never give up.

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(Don't give up) (God's timing) (God's plan) (Life encouragement) (Patience) (My dream) (Home with God) (Church home) (Right timing) (God's appointment) (Christmas message) (Christmas day) (Rick Warren) (Christmas at Saddleback) (Christmas 2018). (Delays in life) (Trusting God) (Stress relief) (God is never in a hurry)

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  • Martin De Leon
    This video was posted 3 years ago but is EXACTLY what I needed to hear right now.

    Gods timing is perfect… 🙌🏽
  • Nguyen Bao Phuc
    For all my childhood, I had been an anxious child. Now, even after becoming a Christian at the age of 18, this tendency to be anxious still clings on to me. Thank you Pastor Rick for this message of hope. It reminds me that God loves me and He has the best plan for my life at the right time, so I have no need to fret. My job is to patiently wait upon Him, knowing that I'm not walking alone in this journey. What a joy to know that He has been with me all along the way, and will continue to do so until the very end of time. God, help me to trust You!
  • I am struggling to find a job. I am waiting for my visa grant and because of the visa situation i am unable to secure a job. This message was for me. Thank you Jesus for bringing me to this video as i am too stressed out. Thank you.
  • littleteethkeith
    Almost all my dreams have been shattered. Now I simply dream of a good nights sleep. I would forever sacrifice my shattered dreams for 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep. My heart was broken 8 years ago. Around that time I changed careers on top of that. I never thought those two events would disrupt my life the way it has. I’m miserable in my personal life and my professional life. However during these tough miserable times 3 things have happened. I married person that brought me back to the Lord and gave me two children. I love the and trust in the Lord and I adore my children. See God knew these tough times were coming for me and he accepted me back then gave me the love of two children. The love of The Lord and my two children is what keeps me from falling over dead.
  • What a right timing it is to listen to Pastor Warren’s sermons. These sermons shed so much light in my life that I decide to come back to God.
  • WestCoast_Life
    I'm almost 27 and still didnt meet my future wife yet. Almost tired of looking as in trying to hurry up the process before a certain age but its in His timing not mine. I'm sure theres still things God wants me to learn and realise before that commitment.
  • This sermon was for me at this time, put me back on track, God answers praying! Thank you Lord!
  • Francis_UD
    "With deep love I'll take you back!" Can't stop shedding tears oh Jesus oh Good LORD!
  • Markus Bastion
    I was in a hurry to marry this woman I love. But I felt this message telling me to trust Gods timing. Please pray for me because I know God is using this time to make me into the godly husband he wants me to be . Please pray for me to keep the faith. Mostly please pray that my heart n my mind is changed inside out so that I live & think & talk n act the way Jesus would in all situations.
  • Jimmie Patrum
    I'm waiting on God's timing to alleviate my sadness and grief from my husband of 53 years dying 5 1/2 months ago. I do trust that God means to teach me lessons of how I can help others while they are grieving. But the sadness right now is just overwhelming. It's really a test of my being able to keep from falling into despair...hardest thing I have ever had to do. I pray, read the Bible, cry and then do it all over again. One day when I go to Heaven to meet Jesus and see Jimmie again, all sadness and grief will be over. I have to hold onto that. Diane in North Carolina
  • 전유정
    God's timing is perfect. My timing is imperfect.
  • Kakkoifly
    Psalms 31:14-15 I trust you God, you are my God, my times are in your hands.
  • Katie Ann
    I have had the same dream since I was a little girl and I've often asked God in prayer, "Why is it taking so long? I see others with a similar dream who are much younger than me and who are living it. Why do I have to wait?" I don't have the answer to that yet, but I know that His word will NOT return to me void and it will come to pass. In the waiting, I am growing- growing in the gifts He has given me, growing in my faith, growing in patience, growing! I am doing my part and waiting on Him to do His. I know that He will not fail me. This message really helped renew my mind this morning!
  • James F
    "When you worry, its stewing without doing "

    That hit me really hard
  • Izzo Wing Chun
    “God isn’t mad at you. God is mad about you.” Literally almost fell of my bike, as I openly sobbed with joy.
  • I know..at this moment, I am in God's waiting room..and thank you for this reminder 😀 all glory to God.
  • Jenny Lynn
    Waiting on Gods promise can be very difficult but worth it. If u ever want to take things into your own hands read the story of Abraham and that should stop you.
  • Change Is Good
    Thank God for this message. I am at a crossroad of my life. I need God's guidance more than ever.🙏
  • Maria Lopez
    Don't give up.......Look Up!!! God is always there for us!