"Compute is the New Oil", Leaving Google, Founding Groq, Agents, Bias/Control (Jonathan Ross)

Published 2024-04-04
Jonathan Ross, the inventor of the TPU at Google and founder/CEO of Groq, the company behind the LPU and the most insane inference speeds on the market, joins me for an in-depth interview on topics including the founding story, where the value will be created in AI, bias in models, and so much more.

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0:00 - Intro
0:38 - Founding Story
3:20 - Groq Chip Memory
6:24 - Chips vs. Cloud
9:28 - Future of AI
11:04 - Where is the Value in AI?
13:45 - Agents & Inference Speed
17:18 - Optimizing Models for Groq
19:32 - Fears and Hope for the Future
22:24 - Bias and

All Comments (21)
  • Scoop! Well done Matt Berman! For your next trick, exlusive 1hr interview with Ilya Sutskever please. 🙏
  • @yonatan09
    Amazing Guest! You're big time Matthew.
  • @DrW1ne
    i love the fact that you get to meet so many important people in this industry!
  • @joe_limon
    Speed is like candy. It gives that instant gratification yes. But if given the choice between owning my data and hardware and simply waiting longer. I start to care a lot less about speed. Even with agentic systems. When we get to smarter more capable agentic systems, I wouldn't mind letting it run 24/7 to say handle the equivalent of a small company worth of intellectual power.
  • @liberty-matrix
    This represents the greatest transformation of humanity ever. In 10 years, everyone's best friend will be an AI Agent. Will we talk to it, ask it questions and think to ourselves, - what did we ever do without AI?
  • @jim7060
    For me this was probably one of the best videos you have put out. John put everything so simplistic that I can now understand a whole lot more. My fears have now weakened. Thank you Matt for contacting this man and being able to sit down with him in front of everyone and answer a lot of questions in a short amount of time. 💥
  • @GeorgeMonsour
    This conversation is not to be overlooked and should be revisited. Mr. Ross is the responsible adult in the room. Please get insight from him regularly.
  • @TillmanZ
    Excellent interview! Great questions and really insightful answers! Thanks a lot Matt!
  • @JeremyRabbit
    I love Jonathan’s supposition about and commitment to support AI models broadening people’s minds and understanding of each other and the universe we live in. Imagine how beneficial to society it would be if that was the focus and the result of people getting access to this technology.
  • We work on a system where npc agents decide in seconds what to do next and where a world reality is constructed for them at every other ocasion. Speed will let us do a lot more generation events and henceforth more decisions in the game were building. Speed is super important.
  • Man, what a clear and concise interview. Jonathan has such a simplistic-yet-informative way of conveying ideas and points, I'm learning so many new and interesting things in this discussion. This interview was like eating a well-balance meal with a side of cherry pie at the end. I'm full. I vote for more content like this as well. Keep it coming, my friend. I shared your video.
  • @kenchang3456
    Thanks Matt for a great interview. Loved the Galileo analogy.
  • @BoNaha
    Nice interview with a great person. 24 min of distilled knowledge ❤
  • @VDMQuickView
    Great video, Matt. You should do more interviews like this. Excellent!
  • @billcollins6894
    I have been consulting for Silicon Valley startups since 2014. I "retired" last year but I still help out a few startups for free. It is really nice to only work with projects I believe in because the money no longer matters. I do believe the vast majority of AI startups will fail, more so than usual. Capabilities are just changing too fast to have a solid business model particularly with predicting what competitors will do.
  • Amazing interview. Groq has it licked. Whereas others are trying brute-force with GPU's he and his team have found how to leverage software on their hardware to do it more efficiently. Groq is going to win imo. I am switching to it tomorrow from chatGPT.
  • @isaklytting5795
    20:06 Wow, I so liked his take on this. A lot of wisdom. I too think there is a lot of potential for making people more capable of understanding things, and of heightening the level of communication in terms of depth, seriousness.
  • What a great interview, thanks Matt! Also, for the inference speed, in the area of agents, it would certainly be a lot faster because the agents communicating with each other don't have to read and interpret at human speeds, so you get a bunch of agents communicating at that token speeds and you're off to the races!