Evolution of Airbus (1/3): From Humble Origins to Beating Boeing

Published 2023-10-21
Witness Airbus's incredible history, navigating the turbulent skies of competition to rise as a major rival to Boeing, this is the Evolution of Airbus Part 1!

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00:00 Intro
00:41 Foundation
02:36 Airbus A300 Development
04:20 A300B
07:10 Founding of Airbus SE
07:36 A300 Launch & Variants
09:37 Airbus A310
13:06 A300-600
18:11 Airbus A320

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  • @b8ffcx
    airbus and boeing may be competitors, but we all have one thing in common, love for aviation!
  • Finally after sometime we have now got a new videos! Thanks flatlife for keeping us interested in history of companies!
  • @Tobi-yi6jx
    Only true Airbus fans will like this comment
  • @joshuascarfe5656
    OMG! I was literally dreaming about you uploading the history Airbus soon! And you did!! I can predict the future? nice video!
  • @tjhomie728
    After a few years of waiting, the Evolution of Airbus is finally here!!!
  • @erich930
    Boeing did not enjoy a monopoly before Airbus. It had very serious competition from Douglas/McDonnel Douglas and Lockheed. In fact, before the 707, Boeing's prop-liners were relatively unpopular, with airlines preferring the DC-6/7 and Lockheed Constellation over the Boeing 307 or 377 as demonstrated by the large disparity in number of airplanes built.
    Boeing gained ground with the 707, but Douglas built a similar number of DC-8s.
  • Was waiting for airbus😂 Enjoyed the Boeing video, but I think Airbus is just better in general. Boeing cockpits look really outdated, while Airbus cockpits are sexy as hell!
  • @SFMPlayz
    There are many channels that make videos in such a style, but none come close to Flatlife. Thank you for keeping us interested in history in a fun and creative way!
  • @Jason67mh
    Boeing and Airbus are 2 of my favorite plane companies :)
    Cause why fight over which plane company is best when both of them are good
  • @Useroon
    Who agrees that the a310/300 looks great
  • @flyingpizza7486
    Another problem, you compare the A310 with the B737. They are not designed for the same purpose, a fitting comparison for the A310 would be the B767.
  • @Titot182
    The best feature on the A310 that isn't talked about very often is the Cockpit Kindergarten. It was only used once in 1994 and didn't prove to be successful. I was quite happy with the seatback entertainment on my Emirates A310 back in Dec 1994.
  • Can you make a part three of the Microsoft Flight Simulator video ?

    -A plane lover
  • 12:40 you forgot to add Aeroflot Flight 593. It was also an A310-300, that crashed into a mountain near Mezhdurechensk. Aeroflot flight 593 was a scheduled flight from Moscow to Kong-Hong. On the altitude of 33 100 feet or 10 300 meters Kudrinsky let his kids control the aircraft. He first let his daughter named Yana (12-13 years old) take a captain seat and turn the yoke to the left then to the right. He made an illusion like she is controlling the aircraft, but in reality he was changing the heading. Then he let his son Eldar (15 years old) take a captain seat and also turn the yoke to the left then to the right. Eldar made heading autopilot disconnect, which made the aircraft bank slowly to the right. When crew noticed it, it was too late.
  • @mrgeckoguy
    Boeing and airbus have the biggest rivalry of all time and I’m 12 hours late
  • @BasicOryx55
    Flatlife out here with yet again another banger Evolution video, keep up the good work bro :)