500 Ways to Die in Minecraft (Compilation of Parts 1-10)

Published 2019-12-14

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  • Nylon Zero
    Really like how no matter how saturated these types of videos have become, they still come up with clever ideas for them.
  • i like how you can feel the humor progress and become more modern over time
  • Anh Tran
    I like how during the bedrock splitting part they simplified the words they were saying in the text, and then desimplified what they were saying in the text.
  • i love how now that I'm older i actually get most of these jokes and references and laugh harder at them then i used to
  • TheKnight427
    the line "there are no icebergs in minecraft" shows how old this video is.
    they added icebergs(frozen ocean biome) to minecraft in the aquatic update and they've been in the game for a while now.
    It's still hilarious though.
  • the Bombing soda
    I like how the first few were realistic by Minecraft’s logic but slowly when from Minecraft to real world with a hint of a cartoony vibe
  • TheSethFactor
    The editing on this is amazing, must of taken a long time. I like the creepers instant explosions and when you animate with blocks. Well done!
  • CatMaksiMUS
    Still love these series, even if it's not exclusive for Minecraft, they are always amazing.
  • Cal MC
    This took a while but after watching Dune, Monty Python and a butt load of other films I finally understood all the deaths
  • SymbioticPlays
    Great. Now I'm afraid to point out what's in Minecraft and what's not in Minecraft because I don't want to lose my Hardcore world.

    This is an amazing series XD
  • Sean Hernandez
    Part 3:
    12:21 Picking a Bad Spot to Eat a Chorus Fruit
    12:23 Right Back At Ya
    12:26 Living in Kansas

    12:29 Climbing Chorus Plants where Lumberjacks Hang Out
    12:32 Friendly Fire
    12:37 Command Block Experiment Goes Wrong
    12:39 Anvil That Introduce Themselves by Falling Out of trees where Birds Sleep
    12:41 Listening to your own Child Voice
  • Nathan Sadler
    I actually gave myself a super strong leaping effect once. My friends and I were messing around on a personal server, and when I gave myself the effect and jumped, the server assumed I was flying and kicked me. I kept rejoining the server and trying to use /kill so I could return to the ground, but it took several tries for that to work.
  • Galaxian
    0:19 Feeding The Hungry
    0:23 Admiring Your Nice Everythings
    0:27 Playing Tennis with a Ghast
    0:32 Using The Wrong Ingredients
    0:40 Low Bridge
    0:45 Calling Your Friend A Bone Head
    0:51 Mob Farm Containment Breach
    0:58 Attempting to Poll a Wither
    1:03 Having a High Cool Stuff Armor Ratio
    1:07 Underpaying Your Railway Workers
    1:12 Telling Your Brother Where You Kept The Sand And Gunpowder
    1:18 Overconfidence
  • It took me years to understand “Forgetting to Add the Redstone”. Now I finally see it, which is ironic since the invisibility potion wore off years ago without the redstone boost.
  • Art Cat
    Random Guy dying: “Before I die, I want you to engrave this on my gravestone.”
    Random Guy’s son: “What is it?”
    Random guy: 500
  • Pumpkin Soda
    The "inappropriate building materials" one actually happened to me when I was 6, I put a layer of TNT in my walls for some reason. One day I was messing around by pushing random blocks with a sticky piston in my doorway. I had no idea that redstone blocks actually did anything, since I was new to the game and they had only just come out at the time, so I pushed the redstone block and I realized I was fucked when the redstone block primed the TNT that was in my house.
  • SwartAlfGuy
    All the way from Feeding the Hungry to Running Out of Amusing Anecdotes. I am proud of you.
  • i appreciate how much time it took to build some of these buildings, they look wonderful and i wish i could build that wee