Best Ice Sculpture Wins $5,000 Challenge!

Published 2021-08-04

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  • ZHC Crafts
    Subscribe for some ice! :)
    and $1,800 lol
  • ZHC
    That was fun hehe
  • i genuinely think Jaz's should have won. it was so detailed and functional :(<3
  • I just love Michelle, she tries, even though she's not a professional artist like the rest, she's just freaking adorable too
  • Death
    To be fair Jake DOES have the most REALISTIC piece.
  • ItsMeDana.s♡
    Michelle never wins an art challenge but the best part is when she enjoys it
  • Nora Aye
    Okay but I actually think Jazz had such a good sculpture and that she could have tied with Izzy
  • Haley Lampiris
    Jaz’s was so cool cause it was functional and the fish had a lot of detail
  • aqsa .N
    Dammmnnn, where did zhc find these artists,
    You all are amazing,
    Michelle is cute,
    Izzy is adorable 💕
  • Sculpting is actually so much harder than it looks: I’ve tried it twice with soap before and it’s so difficult, so I cannot imagine what it would’ve been like with ice
    I luvv how everyone in ZHC crafting group has different hair color
    Zach- Blue
    Michelle- Pink
    Jake- Green
    Mckenzie- Red
    Viv- Blond
    Izzy- Silver
    Jaz- Purple
    Ben- Black
    SUBBED!! yay!!
    I really liked Jaz's functioning ice sculpture 🐟
  • CuteGirlPlays2022
    I love that Michelle is getting better Good work! Keep it up man, your videos are amazing!! u should do one where you only get to use candy.
  • this is literally my favorite channel, and it’s mainly because of how creative these people are with what their given, it’s extremely inspiring and my favorite content to watch
  • S0N1A
    “I just love Michelle, she tries, even though she’s not a professional artist like the rest, she’s just freaking adorable too”
  • Ruairi Duffy
    I’ve always supported Jaz in every single challenge like this that they’ve done and I will forever support Jaz. Much love yall
  • Jenn Thompson
    Good try Michelle, I loved the rubber ducky. Ur getting closer and closer to winning a challenge, I know u can do it.😃