STUDY WITH ME 4hrs with breaks 🌙 50/10 pomodoro (no music)

Published 2022-08-13
hello friends (╯▽╰ )
i welcome you to another study session! let's be productive together for a few hours :))
u can read a lil study guide below!~~🌟

i filmed these during my finals season! i hope you enjoy them & can have a productive time here, and most importantly, enjoy the shots of ollie peacefully sleeping.
i tried to lower the volume of the loud sounds (i get in the zone and forget to be more careful handling materials) and cut around camera noises, however because of the length of the video, i always miss some and it makes me want to delete the video, never post it! but i'm curbing my perfectionism this year ≡(▔﹏▔)≡ & i promised a no music swm to viewers, so here it is. next one will be better, pinky promise. most of all, i just hope these can be a wonderful companion to those feeling less inspired to keep going.
i hope you have a wonderful weekend/week ahead of u 🥺 best of luck with all your studies!!~⭐ i hope you're healthy and strong. a big big hug xx
lots of love,

✧・゚ how it works: ✧・゚
there are four study sessions, 50 mins each, with three 10 min breaks included.
focus as best as you can during your study session because we'll be resting in just a bit. it will get easier the more you do it, as your brain can be trained to focus for longer periods of time as you study consistently, so don't give up! you can do this :-)
aditionally, because this is a no music SWM, if you feel like it, you can always add your own playlists in the background or lofi streams, for example.

✧・゚ at the beginning of the study sessions, make sure to:
- turn off anything you're not going to be using to study
- have your materials ready to go
- have drinks/food ready so you don't have to get up to go get necessities
- have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish during the session (i.e., choose a task from your to-do list)

✧・゚ during the breaks:
- stop working as soon as the timer hits, even if you're mid-sentence
- make sure to get up, do some simple stretches
- refill anything that needs to get refilled
- talk to friends/update family

✧・゚ at the end of this video:
if you want to continue studying, give yourself a longer break and you can repeat this video!

you're set to go! ♡

(ꈍᴗꈍ) stay cozy!

00:00 intro
00:19 first session
50:22 break
1:00:22 second session
1:50:26 break
2:00:28 third session
2:50:31 break
3:00:37 fourth session
3:50:38 we did it!

- where do i live? Lisbon, Portugal
- what do i study? medicine, year 5

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1803-001 Lisboa

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  • @someonetrying
    IT‘S OKAY :
    * To make mistakes.
    * To have bad days .
    * To be less than perfect .
    * To do what best for u .
    * To be your self.
  • @alionad7112
    I have an ADHD and this the best way for me to focus - to have a study partner. Thank you! And good luck everyone in here!
  • To anybody who's reading this, I pray that whatever is hurting or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better. May the darks thoughts, the overthinking, and the doubt exit your mind right now. May clarity replace confusion. May peace and calmness fill your life.
  • I love that there is no background music. Music in the background actually distracts me more and it doesn’t make it feel like a real study buddy is in the room with me 😊
  • Checklist:
    • A bottle of water, at least 1liter. Your brain works better if it has enough water and drinking helps you to concentrate💧
    • Your charger. You sometimes don't even notice that your device's battery is going down, so better have it plugged in all the time🔋
    • Your headphones. You will be able to focus more with headphones, because it blocks background noises. Also, if it's a late night study session, you won't wake up anyone🎧
    • a tea or coffee. Coffee keeps you awake, green or black tea can make you feel more awake as well.☕
    • Your study/work stuff: your laptop/tablet/phone , a few pens, paper or whatever you need.⌨
    •Anything else you could need, what about a heat pad, a blanket, a good lamp, your pet so you have a study buddy 🐈

    Reminder: After an hour, you should stand up and walk a bit around. Better stop the music or put on different music for the break. Open your window, even if it's cold outside. Fresh air will make it better, trust me.

    You could also lay your head down on your desk for ten minutes and listen to a podcast. Or, if you have to read a book, listen to the audiobook of it. You can also listen to the audiobook while doing another thing, that's even better than listening to music while reading the book. 📖

    I hope y'all had a good day, if not, that's okay too. Remember to take care of yourself and try to get some sleep tonight
  • @rosesane1588
    This is the longest I’ve ever studied without getting distracted
  • @sukoshiwa
    I’ve been playing this video every single day, every single time I study and well we’ve spent a lot of time together so hi😭
  • As a person who gets frustrated because of anxiety and anger issues, i feell like watching your cat, and you just studying, is somewhat productive for me. <3
  • @anncafe4662
    I'm a senior year , its really hard to keep up with motivation while studying..... This is just what I needed a 50/10 study buddy , thank you virtualhughydrate
  • I'm currently studying for end of year exams, giving it my all this term 💪
    Can't wait for December holidays to finally have a rest 😆
  • @cinnaboba1806
    i’m homeschooled and have a lot of focus and motivation issues so this really helps me with not going on my phone and giving me a sort of encouraging environment. thank you!
  • @zahranisa4176
    I played this video everyday to help me focus during revision. I passed with good grades and got into my dream uni so thank you for being my study buddy <3
  • It's my first time I'm standing with you
    It was a perfect experience
    Because i have ADHD and this helps me to focus on my study thank you sweetie ♡
  • @alexedits4368
    I never know how to concentrate. I really do want to get good grades but I end up procrastinating a lot. I've been doing my work uninterrupted for 40 minutes straight. I think I really needed this - thank you and I hope everyone reading this comment gets what they need to get done :)

    p.s. I don't know you and you don't know me but I'm hella proud of you :))
  • @Ducky_890
    I passed my math exam from this, thank you!🤗🤗🌷
  • i have a math test tomorrow and its already 11 pm...your study sesh is really helping me... hoping that i do well tomorrow 🥲🥲
  • @vaishnavisa3871
    Didn't even notice that the time was moving it felt so fast. Sooo nice music and the video is done well this video is best for all the subject studying, revisions, test prep everything I studied for my maths exam which is pretty soon, all the best to the ones who are studying for their exams. I promise you will get that A+++ if u worked this hard for the 4 hours. * don't get distracted reading comments*. Get going there a long way ahead for success Once again all the very best! bestie*
  • I'm preparing three exams and trying not to die. Thanks for the studying and cat content! Makes me wanna get a cat of my own, just to watch it snooze like this and give it all the love :)
  • @macchiato8219
    mariaaa! this came at the perfect moment, im currently pulling an all nighter and i need 4 more hours to go. thank you so much, sending you lots of love and hugs <3
  • there weren't any distractions I loved it so much. I am sure I will pass my finals