Free Hoodie or Double for Next Person?… #shorts #viral

Published 2022-11-21

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  • Bro with sixteen sweatshirt will be living a life of a cartoon
  • Skye Elliott
    My thoughts: why do u need 16 of the same hoodie Also me: if they’re cute I would wear them every day
  • Pugsly
    If I got 16 hoodies, I would give them all to my friends and I would still be left with 16 hoodies…
  • "Do you want one hoodie or should i double it and give it to the next person"

    "Sure, give it"

  • AndreiFr20
    "Do you.... do you want 256 sweatshirts or double it...?
    "To be honest.....this is a tempting offer..but.. double it.
  • Aspect
    everyone’s so pissed that they took the 16 but it’s gotta end somewhere
  • Jen Dukié
    the question isn't " who needs 16 hoodies"
    the question is "why would you double it for the next person when you can have it and wear is happily ".
  • Britt Ilbrink
    imagine them coming home and the parents like "where did you buy all those" and they say "oh i got them from a random stranger"
  • ChunkyMonkey
    Bro was crying inside when he said “let’s go” 😢😂
  • kerchow
    him if he came up to me: "Do you want one hoodie or do-"
    me: "Give it to me"
  • jannelle♡
    "Hey do you want 237 hoodies or should I double it?
  • YaKu_
    "do you want a fre-"
  • zasi pxm
    at least u don't have to chase around city with 32,64 or even 128 sweatshirts
  • Prod. Timo
    👇 if u noticed that he only said hoodie the first time.
  • I have no clue
    Bro these challenges are starting to get out of hand, I saw someone doing this with literal pickles
  • Plot twist: the people that doubled it just didn’t like the sweatshirt
  • IamNotLost
    "Do you want 200,000,000 hoodies or should i double it and give it to the next person-"