Published 2022-09-21

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  • SrtaTropicalia
    "There's gonna be an abusive British boy in this movie somewhere" damn Dylan really predicted colonialism
  • I love how Dylan went from actively avoiding musicals to embracing this sing-along
  • being a dylan is in trouble fan is a combination of rewatching his past videos, forgetting he exists for a while, then being excited when he uploads again (on every Monday).
  • ItsJustTinny
    This man will never cease to amaze me in the way he randomly brings in Audible.
  • Fun Fact: The woman who said "She's doing great." When Moana fixed the Coconut problem is actually the mother of Moana's voice actor.
    That's basically mother telling daughter she's proud of her 🥺
  • queenMABda
    What's really cool about Moana (if you are a history nerd like me) is that it creates a myth around the the historical break in exploration by the Polynesian peoples. No one know why, but they stopped expanding to further islands for like 1,000 years.
  • Dylan if you’re reading this, remember that the Heart of Te Fiti has the power of life itself. The moment Grandma passed it to Moana, death came quickly for her. It’s implied that her lifespan wasn’t supposed to be as long as it was, and that the only reason she lasted as long as she did was because the power of the Heart was keeping her alive. If that part feels out of nowhere or sudden, it’s because Grandma was keeping the Heart safe for Moana until she was sure she understood her mission and was old enough to complete it. Because the second she gave the Heart up, she would die, and if she wasn’t absolutely sure Moana was mature enough to take it, then all hope of having someone from Motunui return it would be lost.
  • Susen Join now
    a couple of notes to add:
    1. the reason she goes out at night is because the ancient polynesians used the stars to navigate, they were expert wayfinders and they never had written maps, only the night sky
    2. that forehead touch is actually a nose touch, called a hongi, and you breathe in together as you do it. it's a greeting, kind of like a handshake but a bit more spiritual and respectful
    3. moana literally means ocean (in te reo maori which is my frame of reference but also in other polynesian languages) which sounds nice as a name but makes all of the ocean stuff feel a bit on the nose lmao
  • Ashley Laure
    I don't know what killed me more: Dylan not seeing that Moana's grandmother was introduced as an old lady while Moana was a baby and didn't "predict" she was going to die later or the fact that after she was on her death bed he still thought that Moana was gonna save her and she would continue to live fruitful life.
  • Rin Nox
    Dylan being increasingly upset with Disney not having their space bar pause correctly on Disney+ is the funniest thing to me. It’s literally so bad I do not know why Disney does not have space bar=pause consistency

    I also love how he appreciated how badass Moana is at the end of the movie. Like, yeah, that scene with the water parting and Te Ka is really cool, I’m glad he acknowledged it as such.
  • ms42662
    That comment from “Anonym” has me absolutely in tears from laughing. They’re both so concerned yet reprimanding😂
    But Dylan…choosing a sing along for a movie you’ve never watched…fucking insane😂
    Also, your reaction to the space bar (which I agree with) never not funny!!!
  • Rachel Ward
    I think we can always assume three things about Dylan: His never ending grudge with Disney+'s space bar, his thirst for violence, that he is TOTALLY not a GILF man(*wink wink nudge nudge*)
  • The amount of joy and happiness Dylan got at 13:16 when he thought the pig was going to die was the most genuine reaction I've ever seen
  • Aaron Wesley
    I love how impressed Dylan was with Auli'i Cravalho's voice acting.
  • E P
    “The dad is just traumatized, and now he’s taking his trauma out on everybody”

    Wow that line is unexpectedly deeply Dylan…
  • Punk Landra
    Love seeing Dylan getting the recognition he deserves #11 on trending!
  • CDG
    Dylan’s “Shiny” analogy: Spot on! The song and scene have always creeped me out, much like certain scenes in Thumbelina…
  • Kruz Sanchez
    You can tell Dylan was genuinely just enjoying the movie most of the time
  • Fun fact about newborn turtles and the little ritual: a big thing that's always made clear is that if you're going to help them find the water, you absolutely cannot carry them there. They have to find it on their own.

    This scene is essentially how Moanas journey ends up going out on the ocean. She may have been pointed in the right direction, but ultimately she had to do it on her own.
  • Ashleigh Zban
    Tips for the space bar issue: some streaming platforms make it so the last option you touch with your mouse is the function for the space bar. If you click to expand to full screen, it will then control going in and out of fullscreen and if you click play with your mouse it SHOULD let you pause with the spacebar. If I'm wrong it is just disney and we need to burn it down but I have found that it works.