Published 2022-09-21

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  • @janeli5656
    being a dylan is in trouble fan is a combination of rewatching his past videos, forgetting he exists for a while, then being excited when he uploads again (on every Monday).
  • @audreyfilimon5592
    Dylan being obsessed with characters dying and completely missing that the grandma died at the beginning is sending me
  • @beth_m
    Dylan: “That’s not true!”
    Moana: “That’s not true!”
    Dylan: 👁️👄👁️
  • @1991carlosd
    I can't believe that after dunking on Anonym and emphasizing his love of death in movies he missed one of THE best deaths I've seen in movies. The lights going off on the island, the manta ray glowing below Moana's canoe, the brightening of the stars that guided her.. It's chef's kiss and he missed it!
  • @Jenn-rv3qs
    I was not prepared for:
    “we name the stars”
    “that one’s Brian!”
  • @chloe._.
    Dylan saying "I ate my grandma" in his Hardin voice was so beautiful
  • I love how Dylan went from actively avoiding musicals to embracing this sing-along
  • @tiflockhart5112
    This man will never not be obnoxious to me.. he will also never stop being entertaining at the same times
  • @Lizziefg
    12:08 I love how Dylan is so passionate about his "death is a cathartic experience for all cultures, therefore it's the most effective way to connect to any audience" agenda. Quite sweet of him ☺️
  • @ktrujillo
    Watching Dylan slowly lose his mind over the Disney spacebar is honestly the best part of every Disney reactions.
  • @matildediogo4976
    In case you didn't realize, the reason why her grandma died was because she passed the heart to Moana. She was rlly old and the heart of te fiti was giving her life, so when she gave it to moana, her old age catched up with her.
  • @sophiawahdan
    Reasons why Dylan likes the movie Moana:
    - 60% because the best friend died
    - 30% because of moana's grandma
    - 10% because of the rest of the movie
  • Dylan if you’re reading this, remember that the Heart of Te Fiti has the power of life itself. The moment Grandma passed it to Moana, death came quickly for her. It’s implied that her lifespan wasn’t supposed to be as long as it was, and that the only reason she lasted as long as she did was because the power of the Heart was keeping her alive. If that part feels out of nowhere or sudden, it’s because Grandma was keeping the Heart safe for Moana until she was sure she understood her mission and was old enough to complete it. Because the second she gave the Heart up, she would die, and if she wasn’t absolutely sure Moana was mature enough to take it, then all hope of having someone from Motunui return it would be lost.
  • @annierebeccaa
    Dylan's face at 28:14 after accidentally saying the same thing as Moana made me laugh way too hard
  • The spacebar issue with Disney+ is very annoying, I agree. Instead of always pausing, it redoes the last thing you did, so you have to remember to pause and play every time you do something like go fullscreen or open captions etc. The worst is when you try to pause after skipping ahead and spoil what happens next...
  • @Itsmakena
    The fact that he was genuinely offended when he didn’t have the sing-along 🤣🤣🤣
  • @Vic-ek1fv
    Regarding the body hair issue: Obviously Disney won't animate female characters with body hair cause some parents may lose their minds, but indigenous people tend to have less body hair than non-indiginous folks. At least that's the case for Amazonian tribes in South America. And in Mexico as well. Back in the 20th century, brown-ish, non-indiginous famous people from Latam would wear that body hair proudly to clear any rumors of them being indigenous. For example. Frida Kahlo
  • @ralphie4327
    The rarity of Dylan actually enjoying a movie for once
  • @MissFelice
    Ursula, Moana’s grandma, an island, a seashell…there is definitely an undeniable aquatic theme to your taste.
  • @OnlyMsNicky
    Imagine watching a movie with Dylan while he tries to guess everything before it happens 😂