Chance The Rapper, DJ Premier - Together (2024) | [Official Music Video]

Published 2024-05-14
Written by Chance the Rapper and DJ Premier

Additional production by Peter Cottontale
Additional Vocals by Rachel Robinson and Jack Red

Recorded by DEXLVL
Assistant engineers Miguel Garcia and Lukas Cuman

Mixed by Gabe Jaskowiak

Additional mixing DEXLVL

Mastered by Elton Chueng

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  • @RealSchlep
    This comeback is about to be in the history books
  • @Its_smitthy47
    “If you keep the house in the family, you can keep the family in the house.” RIP Grams
  • @telehova
    Chance no longer cares about the fame, only thing he cares about is making good music for his soul 🔥🔥🔥 This is beautiful.
  • To whoever is listening to this song now, wherever you are.... Sending you love, peace, healing and all good wishes. May your life be good❤
  • @hiphopdx
    Chance we're all rooting for you!!!!! The rise back to the top begins
  • @mr.mellow9269
    Bro if Chance starts the song saying “AH” you know it’s gonna be a classic immediately
  • @GoodxJ
    PREEMO the best hip-hop producer ever man!!!!!! 🔥
  • @chrispyent.849
    “ uniforms, no cool clothes, no drip like the pool closed” my whole childhood 🥲🔥
  • @itsgl00my88
    And we back and we back and we back 🔥🔥🔥
  • This feels like a hug from a family member you've missed but haven't seen in a while
  • @penofficial_
    Everyone is rooting for you chance, we want you to succeed. You got this.
  • @sydbrown310
    Bro just hit me with 3 minutes of some of the deepest nostalgia I've ever experienced for no reason
  • @Kysaac
    New gambino AND new chance? It’s like I traveled back in time to 2014 and I love it
  • this specifically is the Chance I wanted, this right here, THIS.
  • @gmuralid
    The world needs this right now. Truth and love. Thank you hip hop and thank you, Premiere and Chance.
  • @BeastNationXIV
    That Premier beat chop just has me over here singing, "And you knooooow, and you knooooow" 😁
  • This is it right here Chance. Back to the roots where it began. Chicago is rooting for you
  • @joelman1989
    DJ Premier will NEVER miss. And this collab makes so much sense. I’m rooting for this to be a success.
  • @timeflies313
    Hip-Hop is reviving with all these greats dropping. We still have a lot of months to go. 2024 is gonna go down in history as a hip-hop year.