Pedro Pascal In A Terrible Game Ad

Published 2023-03-15

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  • noodle
    It's so great to see Pedro finally getting cast in bigger roles. Maybe someday we'll get to see him in a mainstream television program or something idk
  • I'm imagining Pedro with his iPad, kicking his feet and giggling while he plays this game. I won't be convinced otherwise.
  • AwesomenessTV
    The ads never match the game but for Pedro...fck it I'll give it a try 😭
  • Nester Helen
    As someone who lives in a small town where nothing happens Danny’s remark about the police just coming and harassing people for no reason is incredibly accurate
  • Bárbara B.
    pedro pascal is exactly the kind of person who would do a shitty game ad
  • emgball
    the mystery isn’t what crime grandma committed, it’s how Danny’s hair grew back so quickly
  • 11 11
    the fact that they probably spent more money on getting pedro than the actual game is actually insane
  • It’s good to see such a huge game series bringing on and supporting a small actor like Mr. Pascal. I’m sure it’ll really help his career…
  • LivIsLagging
    As someone who migrated from the USA at a very young age, the automatic loss of both my Swedish and American grandmothers hit me pretty hard. I do however feel that it was worth it, because the frequency of apple pies here is low enough that I can safely walk the streets alone at night.
  • Pedro could wear a potato sack and fart and we would still call it cinema let’s be real. He’s so iconic.
  • Even in a terrible game ad, Pedro Pascal still manages to shine! Great video!
  • Bunny Shy
    As someone who isn’t American, I’ve always wondered what it was like to have a grandma
  • InvyOnYoutube
    as someone who's been playing this game daily for like 2 years they never actually say who's been killed or if someone was killed at all. the grandma just reveals small bits of family lore every now and then and then makes excuses and runs away before she can reveal anything actually important or incriminating
  • gSeany
    I unironically wanna see a Pedro Pascal detective movie tho.
  • 9:32 "He's in immense debt to the grandma herself" that's why he's trying to solve a crime that doesn't exist, he's framing her so he doesn't have to pay what he owes.
  • AutisticMenace
    All I know about Pedro Pascal is that one Community reunion where they had him play a guy administering a lie detector test after Pierce’s funeral and he never came back to the next reunions because he kept breaking down laughing and couldn’t stay in character and apparently they “scared him away” with how much they kept talking about sperm (he was never in Community which makes it even better)
  • Leann 426
    I am just so so thrilled that Pedro is getting so much love and attention. He is so talented and it’s incredibly deserved.
    I will never tolerate any Pedro slander
  • Annie Oddo
    Pedro seems like the kind of guy who would do a merge mansion ad just because he thought it would be funny
  • I like to believe Pedro just did this for fun cause he thought it would be a good laugh
  • manya
    im glad to see games giving small actors like pedro a chance to act in large roles<3