"A Faith That Can Heal Illnesses" with Pastor Rick Warren

Published 2020-10-26

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  • Kee_Is_Blessed143
    I pray to be healed of all ailments and I pray all who are reading this and listening to this message that they are healed of all they prayed for as well!!!🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 let's pray for eachother and agree, Amen🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
  • EP_Aesthetics
    I’m 19 and have been suffering from chronic back pain for 3 years. I have had a shoulder surgery and both knees have partially torn meniscus. If you see this please pray for me, truly. Depression has attacked me and it’s so hard
  • SurfinSanDiego
    If your reading this know im writing this from a hospital bed in Temecula. I was diagnosed today with a massive tumor in my side and abdomen. Im having surgery Friday to try and remove it but it looks dark at best. Pray for my healing and pray for my strength and my witness. If my race is almost finished I do not want to stumble in the end. Hold me up saints. God Bless.

    Update.... The tumor was removed March 4th. The margins were clear praise God. Now they think some may have spread to my liver. Praying the next MRI shows something different and God has healed me completely.
  • Jennifer Sims
    I needed to hear this. I've been suffering from chronic pain and mental illness for many years and I am tired, but I will stay strong for God and remind myself that he and his son love me. .
  • Saney Vorster
    AMEN JESUS 🙏 I needed this. Woke up extremely sick and feeling hopeless. My first thought was move closer to God and I came here to listen to a sermon 🙌
  • Vivian Cumins
    Great Message. Found out I have melanoma on my leg. Had surgery and now being sent for cancer tests to ensure it did not spread. Prayers requested that it did not spread. I will use my story to help others. In Jesus' name.
  • kindlejoy
    My day is complete when listening to Rick
  • Joseph Scala
    I had a headache but now it's gone. Thank God!!
  • mwr1ghtt
    I am in tears!!!! Glory be to God!!!! This video has been revealed to me by the Holy Spirit!!!!! This has answered me. My sickness has definetly redirected me to God and I am soooooo Soooo thankful for his Will!!!' He is amazing!!! Glory be to my Father!!!! I love u Jesus!!!!!
  • Rodger Peden
    please heal my body from Covid vaccine side effects ...... brain fog and now upset stomach ..... thank you .... in Jesus name. amen.
  • Wendy Thomas
    Thank you for praying over me for physical healing. 😊
  • Rodger Peden
    Dearest beautiful Lord please heal my broken body
  • merlyne katosang
    Thank you so much for the wonderful words of GOD, am watching from Palau❤️
  • Diego Franquez
    I feel sick and it’s been weeks I feel like it’s gotten worse and I cry out to the lord to heal me, if you see this pls pray for me and healing I have felt anxious and depressed, pls lord I need you now more then ever
  • Rodger Peden
    Lord.... this sinner needs Your healing of my mind, my brain fog, my depression and my anxiety and apathy and my Parkinson's today. Only You can do it. I believe in your ability to heal me. I thank you..I love you..thy will be done.🙏🏻
  • Mark Robinson
    As always Pastor Rick hit the nail on the head with another great sermon.
  • Janis Cinco
    I really need Healing from my anxiety and schizophrenia . In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • This pandemic has led me to you Mr. Rick Warren. It has led me back to my purpose in life. I have sent your sermons to everyone I know that has fallen off the path of righteousness over the years and those i know need God's word and YOU Mr.Rick Warren have made a tremendous impact on each and every single one of the lost sheep with your sermons when all hope was lost in most. So for that i say thank you for doing Gods will, the way that you do it and, for being you exactly the way you are. One day you will learn the magnitude of how important this is. We have so much love for you. Now is the time for anyone seeking God to do so. Those that are will find the truth and contentment of knowing soon all that God has promised will come to be. Xo