Learn How To Be Led By God's Spirit with Rick Warren

Published 2017-02-28

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  • When I'm in the kitchen, cooking , washing the dishes etc. Pastor Rick's sermons always with me. Thank you Pastor Rick. 🙏💖💖💖
  • alNange
    Pastor Rick I was fortunate to be introduced a couple of weeks ago before I fell flat on my face from carrying a deep sin from 30 plus years ago. We have not met and you probably never will but i want you to know that I am so grateful for your guidance. Your words have helped me reconnect and trust that God has forgiven us in full. I have since listened to you daily. God bless you mate
  • G M
    I was literally on the verge of tears as I was looking for this exact message as a struggling student with wavering faith. This sermon was just what I needed. Thank you for helping me restore my faith and trusting in the Lord.
  • CM B
    I love listening to him. He is so great at spreading the word.
  • Joshua Ovuema
    Holy Spirit forgive me, take me back, wash me clean and lead me. Thank you Father
  • coco coco
    To be really honest this sermon changed my ENTIRE perception about life and how i see the world completly. In a very good and a positive way.
  • Vet Clk
    Pastor Warren you are such a great teacher and great man of God. Thank God for you.
  • Jon Focker
    this guy resonates with me so good. i am new to all of this and not a churchy kind of guy but i really like what he says and how he says it. he is so real and i am thankful to find this channel. i can't focus just on conspiracy stuff lol.
  • Richard Bowman
    This sermon has really changed my perspective on life.
  • Fati Abubakar
    Thank God for leading me to your YouTube channel. 🙏. Amen
  • Seeta Ram
    I love this teaching, so clear and simple ❤❤❤
  • Constance
    I’ve learned more by listening to Pastor Warren in the past 5 months than I’ve learned from anyone else on youtube & I’ve been listening to Pastors on here for a long time! He teaches God’s word in a way that I can understand it!💕
  • fpi
    I’m glad I came across you Pastor Rick. Your sermons are always so helpful to me and you preach in such an easy way I understand. I always learn something from each sermon I watch. THANK YOU⭐️❤️
  • Pastor Rick, thank you for this wonderful Talk. This help me to ACCEPT again why am I still in a situation that nobody else wants to be. My Mother is already bed ridden for almost 2 years because of an accident. I'm the only one who's taking care of her though I have an older brother and sister who wouldn't want to help taking care of our Mom. I'm still in pain for my Mother's situation and it was really hard to accept seeing her everyday that she couldn't do anymore all the things by herself. Of course, I questioned God why all those BAD things happened to my Mother when the fact that all her life she's been a good and kind person to everyone. But through your teachings I had started to learn to have faith again and believed that, "I AM EXACTLY WHERE GOD WANTS ME TO BE DOING HE'S MIRACLE. " I will trust and believed that God will make a way for me and my Mom. I will trust and believed in He's miracle; in His loved for us.
  • Dre
    Thank you Pastor Rick for each and every message you speak. You’re truly a blessing to my life!
  • Faith Wong
    I wept non stop Infront of my laptop while Ps Rick Warren quoted Psalm 77:19 with his tears on (55:51)... I gone through many incidents like this and God delivered me at the right time and right moment.. Love to on his messages loud and clear (few times) while taking a break after working from home. Thank you for your messages. Love from Singapore
  • Deena Dee
    This man of the Lord Jesus Christ is a treasure! ❤🥰😍
  • Cathy Ellis
    There's no pastor that I relate to more! So glad Rick's sermons live on on YouTube and Pastor Rick's DAILY Hope! 🙏🏼🤗 Thank you!!