We Got Hunted In A School...

Published 2022-11-20
We went to a REAL SCHOOL and played Tag. This was very irresponsible.
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  • CyberVoid
    Tommy: The Child
    Toby: The Music Man
    Jack: The Sacrifice
    James: The Teacher
  • Rukia Nikole
    Can we talk about how genuinely athletically inclined Tubbo is? Mans just CASUALLY lifting himself up onto roofs and dropping down from them with such control like it’s EASY lmao
  • AoiKuma
    Why is no one talking about how crazy this school is- they have beautiful art in the walls, glass staircases, a SENSORY ROOM, adorable moss balls, etc!!! THIS IS NICER THAN ANY SCHOOL IVE GONE TO
  • I think we can all agree that this whole video is comedy gold
    Also everyone should appreciate Tommy and Tubbos piano skills
  • TimeBucks
    It would be so amazing to see this sort of content more often
  • Sophia Miller
    James honestly did amazingly by carrying half of the entire content himself. Watching him deteriorate over time was so entertaining
  • Phan minh
    Can we appreciate the fact that Cory edits all of these videos by himself and they are always superior. Thank you Cory :-D
  • Big Chad Man
    19:05 the way Tubbo hesitated to throw the ball, he had time to think about injuring his dear friend. And yet, he decided to do so. The thought process behind those eyes.
  • Can we just appreciate the fact that he never disappoints us with his content
    Tommy: Innocent child
    Tubbo: Local music man
    Jack: Emergency Food
    James: Manic Teacher
  • Gotta say that first video doing as well as it is made my day. Expect a lot of content quickly for this series! Thanks for all the support so far
  • Julie E
    I will never stop being amazed by James Mariott's ability to look in five directions at the same time whenever a camera is close to his face.
  • Kalyn Ritz
    This is just Tubbo having a quarter-life crisis like realizing he's almost 20 and doing stupid stuff like this. I love him 🤣
  • phallax_
    tubbo saying “i have the high ground” and standing on his tip toes is probably the best thing ive seen this entire day
  • Let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort and time he puts into his content for us, Keep it up!
    💙 💙
  • Can we simply take a moment to congratulate how much time and passion she put into these vids?
    It's incredible, and I consider they justify much more than that! 😃
  • It's the fact they hear Tubbo screaming for dear life, probably warning them and yet Jack and Tommy still stand there like it's chill😂😂
    Then cue them all running and the camera is shaking like a horror movie chase scene but in broad daylight 🤣🤣🤣
  • IsaacEh21
    James is just the best with how he can stay in character no matter what 😂😂😂