The History of Super Mario Bros 3 100% World Records

Published 2023-03-11

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  • 5MadMovieMakers
    Love the interviews where you not only show the runner's gameplay but dive into what was going on in their head at that moment. Thrilling as the audience to not know how a specific run will end while it's being examined step by step
  • CJ Shrader
    I'm honestly really impressed that the first person to record this speed run was within 15 minutes of the world record 17 years later. Usually people don't do that well right out the gate.
  • Altorin
    love how summoning salt can make 2021 sound like history.
  • I learned 3 things from this video.
    1- The SMB3 speedrunning community seems incredible in many aspects.
    2- The fact that Summoning Salt is now notorious enough in the Speedrunning community in general to be able to get professional interviews with the runners is mindblowing when you think back to his more humble beginnings. And he didn't even change his style all that much either.
    3- Maybe kid me didn't suck as much as I thought for struggling a lot with 8-1 and 8-2 as I was trying to beat the game casually for the first time... Those are apparently legitimately tough even for speedrunners when they feel the pressure.
  • Sir Skippalot
    Honestly Mitch is such an active runner and supportive across communities, nailing such a godlike run couldn't happen to a nicer runner
  • Nyancy
    God, that graph at the end. It really goes to show you the different eras of the run - the early days, massive leaps in uncharted territory culminating in Mitch bringing the record down by more than anyone had before or will again, into Kilua's solo arc grinding the corners off the run until that final fierce blood-in-the-water battle with Mitch keeping his head high even with everyone on his tail. Amazing stuff. Mythical.
  • I love the way Salt gradually builds up your knowledge of strats and glitches throughout the video. By the time you get to the final interview with Mitch and he's using specific terminology for techniques and level numbers, you're just nodding along knowing exactly what he's talking about.
  • tjp7154
    <3 100% was such a fun run to practice and perform. I don't remember if I realized at the time that I had beaten the record in 2011. lol. When the Fire Mario strats started being refined and critical is when I started to lose interest, mainly due to the stress involved in keeping up with my practice. 47:05 -- I get to see Kirua's face for the first time! (I think)
  • Joseph Isbell
    I think this might be my new favorite world record history. Adding the interviews with Kirua and Mitch was such a good call. Their insight and knowledge of the game and how they’re thinking has to constantly evolve during a long run was awesome and added a lot of depth to the most recent records.
  • Kaulukukui
    I love you, Salt. Very few other creators can take a topic that I don't care about at all and make it so incredibly fascinating
  • Charles jones
    Really cool to get interviews from the runners on this one, especially a legend like Mitch
  • Azriel !
    'I have no idea why I kept going' is probably the most powerful thing I've heard in recent memory.
  • ZattisQ
    The introductions to these videos truly never get old. The music playing while Salt narrates a new category is something that will hook me in every time.
  • Edvards Kuks
    Your music choices are fantastic, and it's not just the intro tune everyone knows and loves. That transition at 43:30 was really nice.
  • JamieBenoir
    This is one of the most exciting and well made videos you've done. Mitch's commentary at the end really elevated it. Amazing work, as always.
  • Josuel Servin
    This brings so much depth and clarity to a facet of the human experience that is so hard capture and understand for those that don't actively follow the runners, it's amazing and exhilarating. Thank you for your great work documenting this wonderful piece of history.
  • Jesse Ingram
    This is one of your best videos yet. The interviews also provide a sense of validation to your info, add emotion to the facts, and are fun to see in general.
  • Jasmeet Singh
    Kirua in the interview seems like my spirit animal to the smb3 metaphor for life. Also, he got to spend 1 year in Japan, how awesome was that segment and still come back to be a boss again.
  • Joseph Knezek
    That Kirua arc. Truly an absolutely crazy run to end the video on.
    checks timestamp