DJ Khaled, Meek Mill & Jeremih Turn Up To “Weather The Storm” & “You Stay” | BET Awards 2019

Published 2019-06-23

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  • @TatyannaAliyah
    Dj Khalid is like your close friends hyping you up 😂
  • @chon.nk.7550
    MEEK spoke THE TRUTH 🐐💯 He's music has really matured. I love it.
  • @thetwoboyz4542
    LMFAOOO meek legit waits after he says a sentence for dj Khalid to ad lib
  • @CarmanKay77
    DJ khaled and puffy should do a collab...called "Fight for the stage" 😂😂😭
  • @zachware5165
    Meek Mill is the epitome of someone who changed the entire path of their life for the good with a passion for giving the unheard a voice. Went from a boy to a straight up man 💯💯💯
  • @moiponitini3685
    🎵Why - Oooh why..🎵 do u keep giving the mic to Dj Khaled
  • Jeremiah is so underrated I'm surprised they actually finally got him on the BET Awards dude has been doing this thing for like 10 years always puts out bangers.
  • @juicyneli89
    I love meek mills y’all be sleeping on that boy he’s so raw.
  • @lf9147
    This would've been 20 times better without this man Khaled screaming. You would think a DJ knows when to stop man.
  • Is Meek considered a legend? This last album solidified it for em to me.
  • Meek verse in you stay always gives me that 1942 flows feel💯