Watch yo Tone Kirby (Forgotten Land Meme)

Published 2022-03-15

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  • Skeepodoop
    Monke; "Did you just laugh at me?"
    Kirby; "?"
    Monke; "Do I assume you? Am I some sort of clown to you?"
    Kirby; "Poyo?"
  • Strabby
    i love how he just bounces around, its so funnily accurate to the actual games
  • PowerUpT
    -King Dedede
  • Fadi Dankiha
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  • Janko
    He didn't watch his tone 😔
  • SkyCreeper01
    That moment when the models are now in Blender.

    Awesome video.
  • CodeKirby
    Iḿ guessing you use the dynamic camera to record shots of a scene without kirby in it
  • flower tiew
    Uh oh... You're in a HUGE trouble, Kirby...