Paramore - Hard Times in the Live Lounge

Published 2017-06-19
Paramore perform Hard Times in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

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  • @RomeoTheBeast11
    One of those songs that make you stay in the car until it's over
  • @aroddr08
    You can tell she’s dying to dance around the stage like she usually does. She’s has THE most energy.
  • @davesitchon419
    I still love Hard Times just like it was released yesterday.
  • @pjm5729
    hiding the depressing with the lyrics and with the up beat melody and rhythm is so impressive
  • @dimlitworld
    they're really bopping to their own song. iconic
  • @mel_10
    2:36 the person in white is basically how I feel when I listen to this version
  • @yesterdayssjamm
    I think Taylor is severely underated as a guitarist. He is actually so good, some of the riffs (especially off this album) are hard to play and Taylor is great.
  • @SadaShakur
  • @bonjourmarlene
    I love Hayley's voice when she sings live. It's always at least as good as the studio version, if not better. Her vocal range and power is AMAZING
  • @ZeeBri
    Paramore is one of very few bands that sound better live than in studio recordings
  • Hayley's microphone technique it spot on. pushing in to take advantage of proximity effect on her softer notes, pulling away when she gets louder and moving the mic of axis when she goes to take a breath. Really shows how great of a performer she is a she totally nails the subtle things that take a performance to the next level.
  • @DoniJames
    She sang it even better than what it sounded like on the album, especially towards the end. I loved that part!
  • @feel4films889
    I really love how Hayley sings she really have such a unique style I could listen to her for hours and hours would never get tired of her voice the pop this band produce is waayyy better than so many pop "artists" out nowadays
  • @Da_Wurm
    it'll be goin' on about four years later at this point and i STILL can't believe how phenomenal this performance was