BTS ON REACTION (방탄소년단) Kinetic Manifesto Film : Come Prima

Published 2021-07-14
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All Comments (21)
  • @sandyaz5595
    I think you should be given an award. “Most Passionate Reactor of 2021”. I would vote for you. 🎧 🎤 🏆
  • @lolakamla9596
    If there was an award for best reaction...bruh you've already won it..the jimin effect and jungkook's high notes brought out the best reaction from u
  • @nehamathur8910
    Jungkook's high notes and bridge are on another level. Vocals, visuals, dance everything is so perfect. JK is an Extraordinarily Talented Boy.
  • @oscarmao1
    No worries, it's a law of the universe that everyone, no matter their gender or sexual orientation, has that same reaction to a body roll by Park Jimin.
  • @euphoria9733
    Jungkook’s highnote in the bridge is phenomenal and alongside his dance break part are the highlights of ON. He’s so amazing
  • And the fact that Min Yoongi/Suga was still suffering from his fractured shoulder and to do that intense choreography, man! Big respect to that King!
  • @proudofmyboys
    MANNN I FCKING LOVE YOUR REACTIONS 😭😭 maybe I've seen 'on' a million times but I get excited watching the video with you like it's the first time i'm watching it,, THATS CRAZY can't wait for the next ones!!
  • @kimjinut4355
    Anthony: sees Jimin body rolling He's stealing all the girls...

    ARMY:- Not only girls though~
  • @blue-go4gr
    Jhope's part here is a killer for me it is CRAZY good from the flow to the dance everything is perfect he didn't miss a single beat not even ONE!! if it wasn't for jk's singing break I'd say it is the highlight of the song no doubt
  • @TjolleBanan
    The one singing the bridge and an F5 note is Jungkook, the main vocalist of BTS. He's truly amazing, music producer SleepDeez said that Jungkook is one of the best singers he knows and that Jungkook hitting that note in his full voice is a right out flex. Amazing. I also replayed that part several times when I first listened to the song! :)
  • @mnj97
    9:38 that is the “Main Vocalist” of BTS, Jungkook!! He is known as one of the greatest vocalists in the world right now and we are so proud of him! 🥰💜💜💜
  • @amiii5292
    Great reaction! I love how the song is structured. The raps by RM, J-hope and then Suga, how it slowed down for the epic bridge by Jungkook, who is just casually hitting a F5 in full voice, the integration of a break dance as in a dance battle and then ending it with a choir, before going into the last chorus. I also like how they incorporated a whole marching band, which suits the theme.
  • @vernonsbff162
    out of every reactors i've ever seen, you are the only one who really take music seriously. u know how to interpret the meaning behind and everything. i love you 🥺💜💜
  • @Lay_oVer_
    I love how he makes faces whenever RM or rap line come
  • @mounika2490
    Jk's adlibs nd that background chorus is just 🔥🔥 in every song it add extra spice to that song 👑
  • @hortbeck
    One time Suga or one of the other guys said he could see the fire in their eyes and V said no, that's just the eyeliner, lol!
  • @R.J01
    Jungkook hitting those high note in the bridge he does it even while sitting in the car really amazing

    What amazed me more when he does it in LIVE in performance while dancing I not really easy to do, this young man really does his homework. A real treasure of bTS
  • @crispicheva
    "bro i'm so motivated right now" the whole mood that this song carries!!! it's such a war cry, i love it so much
  • @mabelmoon7759
    Reactor: "He made me feel.. wow! hey!"
    ARMY: Jimin got another one! I repeat! JIMIN GOT ANOTHER ONE!!

    Love your reactions. By the way ARMY calls it the JIMIN EFFECT, it doesn't matter if you are a guy, female, dog, fish, crab, plant, unicorn or alien. YOU NICE KEEP GOING!