I became RICH in LEGO...

Published 2022-11-18
I put myself in the shoes of a Lego man and build super expensive things in Lego...

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My Instagram photography account: www.instagram.com/the_boy_tygo/

Music credits:
Epidemic Sound: share.epidemicsound.com/c3oiyn
mattikott_: www.instagram.com/mattikott_/...
Emix Music: youtube.com/channel/UCOok...
Jac: instagram.com/jac.of.spxdes?i...

Gear I use:
Camera: Canon EOS R
Mic: RODE VideoMic
Tripod: Magnus VT-4000 Fluid-Head
Lighting: Softbox lighting kit, gooseneck desk lamps, and mini led panel for camera
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X
Music: Epidemic sound, YouTube to MP3 downloader

I get my Lego parts from Bricklink, the Lego store pick a brick wall, Bricks & Minifigs, scrapping sets, friends who don’t play with Lego anymore.

All Comments (21)
    What memes do you wanna see me do in my next video?

    Every second of this video you watched was made from pure joy and passion. I never wanna do something unless I can give it my all. The amount of support on this one is incredible so thank y’all so much! I couldn’t have asked for more supportive and hype fans like you.
  • Let's be honest, we all want to live the life of this minifigure
  • SacredBricks
    Really proud of the quality of this build and video. You’ve been improving so much!
  • Merijn
    Besides being talented at building, the thing that makes you unique is the effort you put into being a content creator. The zooms, edits even the freaking car montage with the smoke. All top notch, probably your best video so far. Everything is Awesome!
  • Kedo
    One of the best things is that he never takes credit for himself when he achieves something. He always respect us, the audience, and his team, and he is always polite in all of his videos. We congratulate ourselves on this achievement. More to come and everything to come
  • Philip Zaring
    I don’t know how Ty is so calm while destroying hours of work
  • The B3
    My new favorite video of yours!

    There were so many little touches in this one that were completely unnecessary but made the whole thing that much more entertaining, like the stop-motion bits, crazy montages, and more! Keep it up Ty 👌👌👌
  • Kylan Mejia
    Crazy how things can go from a yiff joke to a well written emotional ending. Well done and I can't wait to see the end of this arc. :-(
  • Mika de Grote
    If you use double layered walls, the inside can be a different colour from the outside. Also, the windows can be offset by half a stud using jumper plates.
  • Strange Sanrio
    The amount of time and money you put into these videos is amazing
  • Really impressive build you made there. You’ve got quite the building commitment. Especially since you decided to smash it to pieces in the end.
  • Brandi Alsip
    This dude is able to make something better that something I make from an actual set without using a set, and then uses boxes to break it. Wish I’d was as talented as this dude. ALSO where do you get your parts
  • gerald'nt
    i absolutely love every second of your videos. as an editor myself, putting together sound effects and editing the entire video itself is very impressive, keep up the good work. (plus you have an amazing music taste)
  • Padaw8n
    3:38 was the cleanest thing I’ve seen in my whole life. These edits are crazy! Keep it up TD!
  • Let’s all just appreciate the content this guy makes he probably spent day on this video
  • This guy is so talented at building, I think he could actually be a LEGO Designer. LEGO should hire you 😂. You are truly talented.
  • Nguyen sinh
    I swear Austin is monster at making content. I so needed this guide for when I get my copy
  • Hoai anh
    I love how when Jack fights, he just realized he could've saved so much time hitting vital points on enemies to stun them after he just brute forced 80% of their health
  • Hoai tran
    Skeppy, you have been avenged just shows the close relationship they share and how wholesome they are to each other hurt because of other videos and how close they seem and u can see the pure joy and happiness in their voices and actions
  • Victor Abbott
    That mask you got is a mask of a Tengu (Japanese mythos). Typically looks human, with crow wings on its back, wearing geta (Japanese shoes with wooden stilts on the sole), a long nose, and is typically known for being mischievous/malicious.