I Spent 24 Hours in Elon Musk’s House

Published 2023-03-11

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  • @Pepethefrog328
    Lets gooo new vid it always make my day keep the work up🎉❤
  • @ryderrhodes8050
    And legend has it to this day Gabe and James are stil Lin that circle
  • @Its.that.blonde
    I love how James is he only one who gets hurt in all the videos 😂
  • @addie2090
    i love how james just said “yeah i used to live poor” 😭😂
  • @lisacheetham5457
    I can't believe you did this this is such a cool video keep up the super good work
    I hope your arm gets better soon James 😢❤
  • @3freewilly
    Keeping the content up we all love it ❤
  • @kushking4205
    If the Amish can build a whole house in a week I'm sure y'all got it lol
  • @AnemicJaxy
    Love how they evacuated the house when they saw the spider
  • @user-ls3ye2id5u
    James saying "I used to live poor" shows how Nathan changed his life
  • Was the "Doge" actually a fox or was it someones actual dog? Just wondering. Also, loved how Gabe almost left the circle for a pillow and I loved how they all evacuated the whole house because of the spider. Who was even brave enough to put the spider on the plate in front of the door?