Are you TONE DEAF or MUSICALLY GIFTED? (A FUN test for non-musicians)

Published 2022-06-16
TODAY you are going to find out exactly how musical your ear is on a scale from 0 to 15! This test is also perfect for your friends if you want to see what TONE AWARENESS score they get. You should challenge your best friend! :)

IMPORTANT: If this test was VALUABLE and FUN for you, I dare you to challenge your friends on your social media and see what score THEY get! :) As of right now, it seems that the whole planet wants to take this test 😀Also, I have a 2nd TEST that tests your ear in a different way. It is also perfect for practicing and sharpening your ear!
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0:00 - Intro
1:35 - Chapter 1 - Pitch Recognition
3:11 - Chapter 2 - Pitch Memory
4:26 - Chapter 3 - Harmony Awareness
7:19 - Chapter 4 - Tonality
9:04 - Chapter 5 - Resolution
10:53 - Chapter 6 - Perfect Pitch?!

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  • @pardonmypiano
    IMPORTANT: I made this NEXT video which is dedicated to those of you who are facing hard challenges and situations in life. Remember that even in times of hardship and pain, it is important to love and to give. The defining beauty of our life is our insane ability to create - from nothing. 😊😊
  • @koln2109
    The fact that most questions come in pairs with alternating answers makes this test much easier than it should be
  • @The_Stranger91
    As a self taught guitarist I'm proud I got 14/15... the last was a bit tricky 😂
  • @therealtgvenom
    I've took this test and I have to say question 9 was the only one where I've messed up on because even though the melody actually "clashes", it doesn't sound totally out of place of the the chord. It could actually work if used cleverly or if it fits on whatever the entirety of that track works. Those who are wondering, I've took this test just to both test my ear and to just have a little fun with this.
  • @kimdesilva3569
    I got 11/15. I'm proud of that as I thought I was tone deaf. It was an interesting quiz. Thank you.
  • @HoshiSiorah
    having never touched an instrument before and never took our music lessons seriously, i feel like getting 14/15 is like a miracle
  • @Stoy-boy
    This was so much fun. Thank you, Michael. I was surprised that I only got two questions wrong despite knowing nothing about musical theory. 🥰
  • @danaaxelson6200
    A professor at conservatory said, “if you can tell one persons voice from another, you are not tone deaf.”
  • 15 / 15. I just want to say, don’t give up if you’re perfect at the start. As a teenager learning guitar, I truly believed that I was near tone deaf. At 37, I’m realizing clearly, I’m not.
  • @alishewanella
    I got 13/15 and I've just started to learn how to play the drum 6 months ago, I'm pretty proud of myself
  • I grew up in a musical household and learned to sing by ear. I got all 15 right. As an adult, I've played two instruments for many years and to this day, using tablature is harder than just listening and figuring it out.
  • @TJJG76
    Got 14/15. Very happy with that. The Question/Answer melodies were the trickiest part for me.
  • @mariahwyant
    As someone who took piano lessons for 13 14 years, did choir, band,marching band, I will say I got all of them right lol. I did choir in school and at a church I used to go to. I've done different solos and duets. Music has and always will be a part of my life. My choir teacher in school told me I have a perfect pitch. And I still do to this day lol
  • @Chris-ht1vv
    the dissonance question is really hard for musicians because even the notes that "clash" with the chord could still fit if they exist within the right context of a progression
  • I scored 13/15. Im pretty proud of myself because i played piano for only a few years and guitar for 3 months. I haven't played either for about 2 years, so i thought i would have been way worse at this.
  • @ApothercyCold
    Getting a perfect score has never felt less exciting. Isn't 90% of this just having a functioning ear? Being able to tell notes apart, something feeling musically unresolved, it's just... instinct.
  • @KittyKat-gh4cn
    12/15. I liked this test. It taught me more about music and what it can do. Great test!
  • Interesting. I was curious how you would do this. I did 100%. My grandmother had perfect pitch, but since I developed Tinnitgs, I was prepared for a lower score. Thank you.
  • @thurm64
    For number 9, I think the melody clashing really depends on what your musical background is - it sounded quite nice to me in the context of something like jazz