Can a Beginner Make the SVGCuts Church?

Published 2023-12-05
Definitely! But wait...

Using Cricut Design Space? Then there are a few things to know.

Watch as Mary explains step-by-step how to make the SVGCuts Church in Cricut Design Space

Step 1: Download (0:41)
Step 2: Unzip (2:25)
Step 3: Identify Contents (2:50)
Step 4: Upload (5:15)
Step 5: Ungroup (7:53)
Step 6: Set to "Score" (9:01)
Step 7: Attach (10:40)
Step 8: Make It (15:13)

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  • @angiea7171
    Thank you Mary, this is very helpful information. I have to admit I have sometimes forgotten to change some lines to score!
  • I have made several of the buildings & I believe the church is one of the very easiest. The pieces are large and you aren't dealing with tiny, fiddly pieces. It's also very sturdy, once made so it's easy to store off season. Now, some of the large homes are another story. One of them looked like a tornado had hit it (my problem, not the project) and another has been sitting, half made in my craft room for over a year.