Published 2023-08-31
Spend Three Minutes With Your Dog to find Bad Flesh or Something in the Woods... Also Chica took over the channel.
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Three Minutes With Your Dog ► capybaraforge.itch.io/three-minutes-with-your-dog
Bad Flesh ► toothandclaw.itch.io/bad-flesh
Something in the Woods ► differentpixels.itch.io/something-in-the-woods

Horror Outro ► soundcloud.com/shurkofficial/haunted

All Comments (21)
  • @Icy_Republic
    Love how Marks attitude about going into the woods completely changed when he realized he was handed a gun
  • @feasterl
    That dog game was absolutely terrifying, especially the dancing white dog moment
  • @Scouter953
    Mark can do such a good Wilford Warfstache impersonation! They should do a collab video sometime.
  • @zebragirl_999
    Three scary games with Wilford, Dark and Actor Mark. Now that sounds like a good time 👍👍
  • @lilmissfires
    It's nice to see Mark let Warfstache have a go at a scary game, guy seems like he could have a bit of fun every now and again.
  • @firehea1995
    Love how Warfstache came out for the 3rd game, always good to see him
  • @chrisvillain15
    I love how Mark is just under Chica struggling to hold her up.....

    No I mean I love how Chica has began the puproar and is standing on the lifeless body that we once loved and knew as Markiplier. May the odds be ever in our favor
  • The return of Warfstache in this makes me want Mark to surprise Bob and Wade with him being that for an episode of Distractible. As a judge would be hilarious, but so would just as one of the contestants.
  • @Stereo6400
    chica is actually the calmest dog i’ve ever seen
  • @micahdodoodles
    absolutely love how mark just turns into Wilford once he's holding a gun
  • @mx.menacing
    That jumpscare in the second game got me so good, I almost dropped my sandwich.
  • @willreese7114
    It's nice to see Wharfstache coming out in a regular video for longer than a minute
  • @dkujo
    Thank you mark so much for playing my game(the last one) it really means a world to me. I think for game devs its a milestone that markiplier played your horror game.
  • @hkayakh
    You know it’s gonna be a good horror game when Wilford Warfstache is in it and has a gun
  • @blackout4041
    Just lost my best friend, Gunner, so seeing Chika is both sad and happy.
  • @DefiantPunk0810
    I love Chica's clueless/blank expression. It's always so funny to me.
  • @kitabarrientos
    love that Sean and Mark both went crazy with the gun in the last game lol
  • @AshleyIsArtsy
    Love Chica and Warfstache making appearances lol. Ep 101 full of guests!
  • @xenosbreed
    Warfstache just unloading on a body that fell out of the forest and then casually asking if it was all right nearly killed me