Rag Doll | Tearjerker Stop-Motion Animation

Published 2021-07-07
Amidst a deadly persecution, a determined orphan tries to bring her mother back to life through the power of art.

Learn more about the true events that inspired Rag Doll: www.filmsforfreedom.com/orphans/

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About Rag Doll
Although Yingying’s mother was killed in a modern day persecution and the little girl is alone on the streets of Northern China, an enchanted art form could reunite them. Enter a child’s world, where hope and imagination are more powerful than police batons or state-sponsored violence, where noble determination conquers all.

Official Selection, LA Shorts International Film Festival 2020
Official Selection, HollyShorts Film Festival 2020
2020 Golden Sheaf Awards Nominee, Yorkton Film Festival 2020
Official Selection, Not Short on Talent at Cannes 2020
Official Selection, Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival 2020
Official Selection, Foyle Film Festival 2020
Official Selection, Vancouver International Film Festival 2020
Official Selection, Phoenix Film Festival 2020
Official Selection, Columbus International Film & Animation Festival 2020

Directed by: Leon Lee

#定格動畫 #動畫 #獲獎短片


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  • Films For Freedom
    Watch Rag Doll director Leon Lee's new feature film Unsilenced at unsilencedmovie.com/. "A Moving Portrait Of Conscious Resistance In The Face Of Political Oppression."– LA Times
  • April Nguyen
    In the end scene when she is stepping out, scared, a shadow is covering her whole body. But when she overcomes her initial fear and her righteousness shines through, her field lights up. In contrast, at the same time, the guard stops and a shadow casts on his face. Beautiful storytelling and excellent production quality. Congratulations to the team 👏🏻
  • Terry S
    Let me explain the last few minutes incase someone doesn't get what it means. The group of ppl with orange vests were prisoners at a detention center in China(Changchun city). Prisoners there were forced to make dolls(the way the police would make profits). That guy with the shocker was a police. The gesture of the girl’s hand is from an ancient meditation called Falun Dafa, the practitioners of which are still going through brutal persecution in China.
  • Sophie Mak
    I watched the film a few times and I was profoundly moved by the beauty and soul... There are lots of metaphors. Storm: when the guard with the cattle prod walks towards the girl, his shadow moves across her face. I think this is the key to understand the storm. Every time the storm comes in the animation, the shadow also moves across the girl's face. I think it represents oppression or the evil power. The girl then summons her courage and walks out of the shadow. So perhaps in a sense the storm/shadow also represents her inner fear that she has to overcome. Lotus: it's everywhere. It's on the little doll. As a matter of fact, mom was doing finishing touches on the lotus before the doll came alive. It's on the wall of the art store. Perhaps that's a painting by her mom? When the girl "sees" her mom meditating, mom picks up a lotus and it blossoms. The hand gesture the girl forms represents the lotus blossom. In Buddhist symbolism, the lotus represents purity, as if floating above the murky waters of material attachment and physical desire. The question I'm still trying to figure out is what the little doll represents. Any thoughts?
  • morigan becks
    I cried during the art store part. Those who give thumbs down have no heart.
  • This needs more views. It's reminiscent of The Little Matchstick Girl, only a reflection of the current repression, abuse, and murder of Chinese citizens under a despotic regime. Not a lot of art can truly claim to be brave, but this qualifies without question.
  • zach lee
    16:40 When the young lady opens her eyes at the last scene, the braveness, courage, and determination is so powerful and penetrative that I feel there is no darkness anymore
  • Arta Partawan
    This kind of production has high standard of art elements, the story is telling, the details are so amazing, powerful messages and deep meaning in every scenes. Can wait to see more👍🙏
  • Hhq
    Simply beautiful. A true piece of an art.

    But what hurt the most was, how can you tell a child to leave orphanage?!!
  • Max Lee
    We need more of this kind of art work to awake the sleeping Chinese
  • Fact Checker
    Thank you NTD China in Focus for bringing this animation of the cruelty to my attention and I will in turn try and do the same. This animation should be on every streaming platform and links to it everywhere as we all have children and families and we should not forget the victims of oppression everywhere in the world.

    I wish the Chinese people in the flooded cities in and around Beijing could see this and think what the dark clouds in this short film represents not only flooding but also oppression and the brutality that is the genocidal CCP - They might not see it but many know of it.
  • Strawberry Cat
    I love how the mother painted her a little sister! So cute!
  • Fact Checker
    As I cry after from the part of the kindness of the paint shop owner, I am so shocked, that this short video has not been shared and viewed millions of times.

    I know it is a animation for adults, but should be available to everyone and also be a Youtube featured video for Freedom on special days like Amesty International day on the 28th May for human rights and maybe a Google header link for google searches for that day.

    I have a picture of this "Ragdoll" as my avatar picture on reddit and it has been that way since I first saw this video 6 months ago. People are waking up to this oppression by the CCP in their controlled territories and the countries they have occupied.

    This mirrors so much what the Nazis did in hunting down the Jewish people and asking people to turn on their neighbors, I cannot believe we are in the same situation again, but at a bigger and shocking well documented scale, the world accepts it because of the worlds greed, taking people out of poverty into oppressive slavery is not why the WTO/World Bank/UN has the CCP as a developing nation. The only thing the CCP are developing is more technical ways to oppress people whilst developing their military.

    When I buy goods now I ensure that I never get a Ragdoll and use the cultivate plugin application to show the souce of the goods supplied to me, so I only see white clouds and try and push the black clouds of CCP oppression away.

    Thank you "Films For Freedom"
  • Me Me
    I have 2 hypothesis.

    1 - The girl's mom got arrested and put in a detention camp for whatever reason and the girl was put in an orphanage but i read a comment saying that children of those prisoners also get unfair traitement so the storm may symbolize the oppression and because of her mom's identity, the girl can't receive help and she has to go through all of this suffering alone. The doll is something that her mom made for her before or after going to the camp ( I don't know if prisoners can send things ) and the girl learnt from her mom to not let the storm/oppression dirty her and to keep being pure like a lotus so the girl grew up with this advice in her heart and kept fighting alone while her mom was still suffering in the prison.

    2 - the girl's mom died because of her belief ( maybe she practiced a religion that wasn't accepted there ) and the girl received no help because of the oppression. She had the same belief as her mother and broadcasted it in her drawings ( the woman with the lotus ) but she ended up being caught by the authorities and put into a detention camp. But even there, she kept believing in what she thought was right and sacrificed herself to protect someone...

    Either way it was a very good movie, it made me cry so much!
  • 阿嚕
  • FilleQuixote
    I cried multiple times watching this. As a parent, I’m not only deeply moved by orphaned children, but when the parent still was able to pass down something- no matter how small- that that child carries with them for the rest of their lives. And they do something with the simple things they held onto from their childhood because of that hope, belief & the deep bond between a parent and child ; how those lessons can inspire a child into expanding those good little nostalgias from their childhood onto the world, because they know what they had was so sweet, the whole world would be better for experiencing it too. I’m literally crying writing this comment because the mama definitely didn’t have to die for this story but I get it, the storm, the murderer. All the works
  • Ruslan
    The amount of hardwork, the art, the story, everything was perfect. I felt the everything that the film wanted to say in my bones. This deserve way more millions of views. Thanks for sharing these people's stories. Peace for everyone 🕊️✌️
  • 甜甜

  • Kenneth
    Every emotional, even the director trying to tell the world the problems with china's ruling systems and human rights with this short film.

    Deserves the award. Congrats.