2 Brothers A Chicago Lifestyle Episode 2 Season 2

Published 2019-10-02
Jeremiah gets the letter for collage and finds out he didn't get excepted, Justin finds out some of his crew stole from him, and Os girlfriend is still giving him a hard time, stay tuned to see what happens

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  • @Dee-vv9eg
    Baby Mama: " I'M MISERABLE AND LAME BECAUSE I WANT A FAMILY? " O: " I mean shiiid 😒 " That part was funny af 😂
  • @nneka3587
    "You Know What They Say, 'What Man Wont Do, Another Man Will.'" "Will Get Shot"
  • @simplyshakyrah
    I’m upset, my baby Jeremiah ain’t get accepted 🙍🏽‍♀️ 😩 also Justin doing his thang in this episode 🙌🏽 ‼️ love love loveeeeee this show ❤️
  • @nya_luv4110
    Mann if O was my boyfriend. I'll tell him that I'm proud of him for getting out of the streets cause the streets ain't no game mann. Shawty just a gold digger. Go get yo own bag babygirl.
  • I was like it’s Wednesday right😂😂 cause I didn’t see no video 😂 but I love this show 💛💛😭 all that girl worried about is O money, let her go‼️
  • @balllike
    He literally cooked they mans. Lol
  • @lbnkesee9054
    Who else clicked on it fast when they seen the words 2 brothers and Chicago
  • @shit2easy.
    School bells ring at 8:45 8:45 bell rings Teacher: why are you soo late? Me: don’t blame me! Blame 2 brothers a Chicago life style 🤦🏽‍
  • yall need to upload 2wice a week it feels like years every week
  • That part When he had them 2 dudes at the table was so funny 😂😂😂😂
  • @Williamsjuwan89
    O Girlfriend a gold digger some females like that’s for real 💯
  • Her: what one man cant do another man can O: what will get shot 😂😂
  • @arlene5766
    31:34 LOVE this scene!! You guys have come so far. SO proud. Great quality! Can't wait for next episode.
  • @e.1491
    Omggg this SHITT soo deep!! He fed them they homie!!! BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD...😂 I stg I love this show!!! Justin is not to be fucked with