Rough Week

Published 2023-05-23
In which John talks about cancer, humor, and accompaniment through a rough week. Thanks for being here with us.
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All Comments (21)
  • allie s.
    i know he fears being known as the “youtuber with cancer” but i don’t think that will happen. he’s the guy who got us through science class and the guy who has taught millions of people. the whole world is sincerely thankful for hank <3
  • Angelina Quawas
    John speaks like such a writer and Hank speaks like he is a scientist who just found out something absolutely life changing and is very frantic about telling everybody and I love it so much
  • Xi Cree
    Hank's basically our Modern Day Bill Nye the Science guy... we love the hell out of him. <3
  • Joely Stone
    Hank is the YouTuber who taught us about cells, elements, forces, laws, and theories. He is the man who explained in 5 minutes what many college professors need a week to cover. Cancer will always be the least interesting thing about Hank Green.
  • Siris Blank
    “I don’t understand how grief, and fear, and uncertainty live along side humor. But I know they have to.”
  • Melissa Roldan
    When my father (who passed in February) was told that he only had a few months to live bc of IPF, there was silence. Then I asked him “what are you thinking? Are you okay?” To which he responded “I don’t know. I never died before.” We both burst into laughter after he said that.
    Humor has its place in grief, for sure. Just as long as it’s done with love, like you’ve said. ❤
  • Rusty Ralston
    One of my friends once described lymphoma as "having spicy lymph nodes", and I'm half-tempted to say that "Hank Green is an educator, singer, and YouTuber who has been cursed with the spicy lymph nodes".
  • Izzy Maurer
    On a rewatch, John's prayer hit me in a new way. "Justified in your hope." Goddamn. Thank you, John. May we all always be justified in our hope.
  • Cara
    "Can he give it back to Hodgkin?" was my favourite Tweet! Good luck with your responsibilities John. Love to you and Hank
  • Andrea Redmount
    My dad was diagnosed with cancer the day before his 59th birthday. At his birthday dinner, my dad started giving a very heartfelt speech about how much he loved all of us and said "I always thought I was going to live to be 90. Now, I don't know if I'm going to make it to 60." My mother interrupted him then with "If you leave me a widow at 60, I'm going to kill you." And that set the tone for how we dealt with his treatment.
    5 years later my dad is cancer free and doing fine.

    *edited a typo
  • Polyfire
    That moment when you burst into tears at “I’ll see you soon.”

    As a vlogbrothers viewer since 2007, this shook me in a way I wasn’t expecting.

    I love you guys so much. You don’t know me and you never will know me because that’s just kind of how the world works in modern times with social media and so forth, but you guys and your families have an extremely special place in my heart.

    Prayers for you, John, as you take on so much during this time. Please remember to fill your cup.

    Prayers to Hank and the family as we push through this together.
  • AlexandriaKV
    I love that line. “May you be justified in your hope and unalone in your sorrows”
  • pretty.odd.
    It's the most on-brand vlogbrothers thing for Hank to be the one with cancer, but John be the one to make me cry this week.
  • Chris H
    That prayer that “we may be justified in our hope and unalone in our sorrow” hit so hard for me. It was so well put and so needed.
  • Diana Gibbs
    "Kirkland-brand Hank Green" That is some serious praise from the older brother. Respect, John. And may I say that your love for your brother pours off the screen. I love that.
  • Jacqueline
    They may have Kirkland Brand Hank Green as a CEO, but they also have Gold Standard, top of the line John Green to get them through an uncertain and emotional time. And that is really something to be thankful for!
  • K Chapy
    Never underestimate the therapeutic power of a little gallows humor. My best wishes to Hank! (And to the whole Green family.)
  • That One Guy
    The glee with which John says, "Now Hank, you specifically said you were good with prayers." is just so lovely. I feel like it speaks so well to why these two brothers get along so well.
  • Eleanor Serviss
    To add on: May we be justified in our hope, un-alone in our sorrow, and together in our joy.
  • kimiecreates
    When my mom had ovarian cancer we made so many jokes and laughed a lot through the chemo then when she became terminal we still had laughs. We would be up in the chemo lounge (thats what they called it 😂) laughing and talking and people would stare at us weirdly. Everyone deals with things in their own way and ours was through laughter even if there were tears too. Sending good vibes ❤